DIY paper wall decor

DIY paper wall decor
It is a person that is truly brilliant who uses letters as a decoupage background. And that person is Katie from Katie Michelle. She’s got some very cute canvas wall art for her son Elijah going on, and her color and paper choices are great. I think you will like them too. Visit here for her canvas making strategy and to see pics of the other cute canvas she came up with.


  1. Eica says

    This would be the perfect project for me! Ive been looking for something with that Subway Art feel Ill just keep out the animals! Thanks….Just have to go and get my Mod Podge. In two years of living in Mexico I finally found some!

  2. 2littlehooligans says

    now that is cute! i just got my starter pack in the mail yesturday, THANKS! im dreaming of what i can make up with it!