DIY luggage tags

Mod Podge DIY luggage tagsIt’s so apropos that Melissa from A Hundred Billion Stars posted her customized decoupage luggage tags, as I’m leaving this Thursday for Los Angeles. It’s CHA trade show time again, my friends! I’ll be reporting live, bringing you the best of what’s new in the craft industry. I look forward to it. I wish I would have had time to make one of Melissa’s luggage tags, because they are super cute. My large floral suitcase needs just such a tag so I can be extra-specially cute, don’t you think? See her blog entry here.

Baby Amy, Two Months Old
I think there’s something else you should know about today. Thirty-four years ago, the world (more specifically, my mother) spit forth a baby with a pug nose and a red face. That baby is me. Who could have predicted at that time that I would eventually start a Mod Podge blog and one day be writing to all of you? The only thing I want to do on my birthday is thank my mother. Mom, thanks not only for having me, but for your great taste in couches. I could pretend to be younger, but I think that pattern gives away my age. Love you mom. Thanks for bringing me into the world.


  1. *reyanna klein* says

    Happy Birthday, Amy!!! Hope your day is super-fabulous! 😀

    And thank you SO much for this blog. I heart it so. :-)

  2. jengd says

    Happy birthday! Or, as I like to quote from Sandra Boynton, Hippo Birdies, Two Ewes!! Have a great time at CHA!

  3. ellie g says

    My list of things to say to you:

    #1-Those luggage tags are AWESOME. I need some, on my imaginary luggage. (obviously NOT a world traveler)

    #2-I hope you have a GREAT time at CHA. Even though I’m GREEN with envy. “I want to go to there…”

    #3-Happy Birthday! Wow! Congrats. Do you know that you share a birthday with Mr. Neil Diamond?
    (Just a little, “that’s pretty freakin’ cool” trivia for you.)

    Hope you have a really great day. Including some really awesome food and treats. That’s what Birthdays are for!

  4. Ecofroggy says

    hope you are having a great day :) i am still upset that the general public is not allowed to this years CHA…. :( but i am sure your post will brighten my days :)

  5. KateB says

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday and enjoyed some goodies! Great tags and I’m sure you’ll make some when you get back! Can’t wait to see some pics from CHA!~

  6. kristie says

    happy birthday Amy my friend! have a polka dotty one for sure! thank you so much for this blog it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo AWESOME!!!

  7. Lori m says

    Happy Birthday Amy, today is my husbands also and was my dads.

    I do hope it was warmer your way and enjoy the CHA show, I’ll be looking for the updates.

  8. [email protected] says

    Happy Birthday Amy – I Hope you have a Fabulous Birthday!