The cutest play kitchen

Mod Podge DIY play kitchen
I really love play kitchens, and the fun details that parents add to make them perfect. Check out this fun example by Taylor at Taylor Made, made out of a nightstand. Are you kidding? It’s amazing! From the little round burners (sealed with Mod Podge) to the backsplash of the sink. I was howling with happy laughter. When I have a kid, he or she will have one of these. I’ll make my husband install granite countertops and Kohler faucets on it. It still won’t be as cute as Taylor’s, though. See more¬†pictures here.


  1. Karrieann says

    That would be perfect for my two Lil Angels.. too bad I didn’t see this over twenty years ago for my two daughters!… Heck.. I like it for me!

  2. Olubunmi says

    Oh my goodness, this is such a cute kitchen. I couldn’t justify it as I have boys, but it is oh so cute. Did it take a long time?

    I was thinking about doing with mod podge, but I can’t justify more stuff and materials coming in to the house to my DH. :)