Baby food jar spice rack

DIY baby jar spice rack
When I say the project of the week is a spice rack, I mean that Lauren from Dav.i.son has come up with a fabulous way to recycle her baby food jars. You can only use so many of them to hold paperclips, right? Many of you are mothers and have these jars out the wha-zootie; I thought this would be helpful. You also won’t have to deal with those regular racks that have the names of completely useless spices. Hello, I need my label for Italian Seasoning! Visit the complete blog entry here.


  1. Amber Maddux says

    man I wish I would of found this a year ago when my kiddo was still eating baby food!!!! What a great idea – now to harrass my friends for their jars :)

  2. Ted and/or Laura says

    How do you deal with the babyfood jars not always closing so well (or is that just me?) Is there something you do to the lids to make it easier?

  3. Michelle Cummings says

    I had to zoom in on the photo and just have to declare, “great idea!” I might use this idea in the studio for small odds and ends. Thanks!

  4. Melissa says

    Great idea! You know, those jars are also great for little bits of left over paint to be used for touch up.

  5. Ruthie's Girl Designs says

    I posted over on the Dav.i.son blog that this idea would work great in a craft room as well. Just a cut piece of sheet metal mounted to the wall would do the trick for all those little things we can never find.

  6. says

    This so reminds me of my great grandparent’s basement. My great grandfather had all of his nuts, bolts and nails in baby food jars like this on a peg board. Why didn’t I think of a spice rack?!?

  7. Tabitha says

    Awesome idea. I just got a bag full from a friend I was going to use them for my son’s bday party craft to make spaceship waterglobes. I didn’t get a chance to get them cause I was sick. Now I have the perfect project for them. LOL Don’t worry the kids had other stuff to do. LOL