Winter wonderlanterns

Winter wonderlanterns
I really love winter decorations. I know most of you are rolling your eyes at me when I say I like snow, but I do. I especially love stomping in the snow wearing galoshes. I haven’t done that in a long time! Gonna need some galoshes, first I guess. Something like this would be perfect. And now I’m totally off topic. I do that a lot.

Michele from Michele Made Me came up with a great way to create your own winter lanterns, and you only need a few supplies besides Mod Podge. These look so fancy and expensive that I couldn’t believe the guts of the project are wrapping paper and tissue paper. She’s good. Real good. Visit her tutorial for these winter wonderlanterns here.


  1. Michele Pacey says

    hey Amy! just wanted to say thanks for the sweet feature! hope you had a great Christmas movie fest, and have a fab New Year!



  2. Mrs K says

    This is cool! It’s been between 35 – 44 degrees celcius here in Western Australia all week. Were at the beginning of our summer. (i dont know what that is in farenheight so lets just say HOT!) So looking at wintery crafts is odd for me right now. Im just shedding the jumpers and tights and sporting shorts and summer frocks! I suppose you could make these lamps with suns or flowers for a summery look. Yay for snow! It doesnt snow here so I never have even touched snow. No need for galoushes :-(

  3. Reflections from Granny says

    What a great idea, well all the ideas are great, now to find time to make everything. :)

    Happy New Year, :) Lori m