Upcycled train case

Mod Podge suitcase

I saw this train case by Nicole at Home for Hire and did a double-take – what is that wonderful patchwork?  With those wonderful papers?  The girl has a good eye, not just for color for but how patterns go together.  I would be more than happy to take this to the airport and swing it around, which would probably end up with me getting jumped by TSA and body cavity searched . .  but hey, with my cute train case?  It would totally be worth it.  See the blog entry with detail shots here.

Update: Nicole’s blog is no longer in service – you can make this project simply by using Mod Podge Hard Coat and Mod Podging strips to the sides of the suitcase one by one. Let them dry before putting on a top coat!


  1. Moe says

    Oh wow, this is a great idea. I’ve been thinking about updating my train case…but I can’t stand to touch it. I don’t want to ruin it! Plus it is an awesome bright orange color. I do have an old trumpet case that I might mod podge up!

    Thanks for the inspiration :)

  2. 1st time ModgePodger says

    I have one too! But i just got modge podge so I dont know what kind to use on the case? i have never used modge podge before so… i need help and tips… please!

    1st Timer