Pop-up Noel thank you card

If you love making your own thank you cards, this one is special - it pops up and you can put a gift card in it!What exactly is a pop-up Noel thank you card? It’s something quite special if you have a holiday birthday. You can celebrate the season AND thank a loved one for doing something great for you. I call it a “twofer.” But that isn’t the greatest thing about this card. The most fun part is what’s inside when you open it, and that is the Sizzix part of this project. Karen Burniston, who I like to call the queen of pop-ups, gave us a card holder for this challenge. You’ll just have to read the entire post to see what I’m talking about. It’s wild and crazy pop-up fun!

Gather These Supplies

IMG_3285Your red card is pre-cut, right? If it’s not, then I give you extra points for being less lazy than I am. The next step is to cut a sheet of paper that fits inside that red card (leaves a little border around the edges).

IMG_3286Since you already have the paper out, take a coordinating piece (or small scrap, really) and make a place for your rub-on to go like you see on the front of my finished card. Adjust the size to fit your rub-on.

IMG_3287Take your handy-dandy corner rounder and round everything. You don’t have to stop with this project. Depending on how much time you have, you can round every piece of paper in your house. I wanted to.

IMG_3288Assemble the card with Glue Dots. I added a tree to the front. Smooth well.

IMG_3289Decorate that little green piece of paper with a rub-on. I love rub-ons. Tip – don’t peel up to see your progress. This is the second little green paper and rub-on I had to use. It will totally shift off center.

IMG_3290Yay, the pop-up! Here’s the first glance.at the treasure inside the card. After you die cut, the floppy paper seems confusing, but the assembly is easy. Go to the product site here and you can download a PDF of instructions. I used Glue Dots to attach it.

IMG_3291I used rhinestones and Dimensional Magic to accent the front of my card. At this point in the year, DO NOT sit Dimensional Magic by a door or window. Cool air will cause it to crack. I recommend in the kitchen near the stove where it’s warm. But not on the stove, please. Allow to dry for several hours. The Dimensional Magic gives it such a fun, raised, epoxy-like effect!

IMG_3292Add Pop Dots to the back of the Noel rub-on paper and secure to the front of the card. There’s so much dimension on the front of my card – I hardly know what to do with myself.

If you love making your own thank you cards, this one is special - it pops up and you can put a gift card in it! If you love making your own thank you cards, this one is special - it pops up and you can put a gift card in it!Kaboom!!!! Check it out – isn’t it fantastic? My Starbucks Gold Card looks pretty hot sitting there in Karen’s holder. I absolutely love her die, and I can’t wait to buy it. This is simple white for the holidays, but I can imagine it in so many different colors and patterns of paper with fun accents. I’m sure you’ll see that on the blog hop. Find the master list of participants here.


  1. Karen B says

    Amy! Thank you for putting up your step-by-steps and showing that this die really DOES go together easily and it looks great with no other decoration required. I love your card – so festive! The tree and the corners are particularly awesome. Thank you for using my die!

  2. Theresa says

    What a great card..and the tutorial make sit actually look easy. Thanks so much for sharing.