Paper Blossoms book review

This latest book review is not actually much of one – just because this “book” is actually a collection of beautiful bouquets for your table.  Paper Blossoms by Ray Marshall is a 2010 release from Chronicle Books, and it’s just the kind of bright boost that we all need right now.  It’s cold where I am, and I bet it’s cold where you are too.  Wouldn’t this be so nice on your coffee table?

I think it would make a great gift, so I’m giving a copy away.  There are several paper bouquets included, and I know one of them with improve your day.  Here are the rules.

1. Comment on THIS blog entry. Why would you like to win this book?
2. Only one entry per person.
3. Contest will close this Wednesday, December 22nd at midnight (EST).
4. PLEASE leave your e-mail address if it’s not attached in Blogger – I need some way to reach you.

Full contest disclosure is here.


  1. Danna Saunders says

    I’d love to add this to my home. We just moved to KS from Phoenix, AZ & could use some color in our place. :)
    Dannabug AT Gmail DOT com

  2. Lyndee @ A Recovering Craft Hoarder says

    I would love this book. I’m thinking of some untraditional uses for it (wall hanging in a glassless frame).

  3. Rose says

    I would love this. I would use it to make a Children’s book and, of course, lots and lots of cards. It would be fun on a canvas too.

  4. elisekayem says

    This looks like so much fun!! I would LOVE to give it a try! :)

    elisegeorgoussis at gmail dot com

  5. Donna says

    Now that is a really cool book! I would give it to a very special lady who has been in hospital for a month now. It could go on the table top where underneath is a slide out tray for her meals.


  7. margie c says

    What a cute bouquet! I love books! This would make a wonderful centerpiece!
    Thanks for the chance!
    Happy Holidays!
    hugs, margie
    ([email protected])

  8. Denise says

    I would love to win this book. Not for me but for my sister. She recently moved from her home in CA to TN because her husband is in the military. They are living in a 5th wheel with their 21 month old twins and dog. Apparently it is freezing their with a little snow. I think she could use some flowers right now. I’d love to have you ship it to her. She would be really surprised and probably would cry over getting it.

  9. Sniffly Kitty says

  10. StampinCathy says

    Congrats to all the lucky winners! I would love to win this book to make some awesome bouquets like this for my family and friends. Thanks for a chance.

  11. EileenMV says

  12. NaDell says

  13. My Blessed Serendipity Life says

    I love pop up books. I had some as a child and still love them. I would love to have a chance to win a copy of this whimsical book.


  14. Kelly Massman says

    I love paper flowers and love making them. This sounds like the perfect book for a paper lover like me! Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. LaDonna says

  16. Teri "Terrific" says

  17. crazydaisy says

    This I spiring book would not only add color to the bland tundra of Alaska, but it would give me ideas of things to do this long winter!

  18. Karrieann says

    Ohhh Myyy I LOVE pop up books… every since I was a wee one! That looks so lovely.. and fun too!!!


  19. KatieJ says

    This book looks beautiful! It would make a great gift but I would have a hard time giving it up unless I had my own first!

  20. Katie P says

    What an awesome book!! I would love to have that for my coffee table for when the Christmas decorations go away but it’s still frigid and bleak out for another three months!!

  21. Marlene says

    I would like to win because this would be a great addition to my in-home library:)

    onlyjustine at yahoo dot com

  22. Lora says

    This book is wonderful. I would give it to my mother because she deserves beautiful things. Thank you so much for the giveaway.

  23. Arathi says

    What an awesome book! Wish I win!

    -Arathi([email protected])

  24. LillyxxGal says

    I would love to win this beautiful book because I LOVE flowers and my home is filled with decor to match. This book would look beautiful on my coffee table!

    suzietrader77 at gmail dot com

  25. Kristina says

    I would love to have this book because I miss real flowers so very much during the winter, and I think it would help cheer the flower-less winter blues.

  26. blair says

    Hi! I would LOVE this!!! Here are my two reasons for wanting to win:
    1) I go to school on a mountain. Literally. It is foggy in the winter and over 50% of the students get seasonal depression. this would be sooo happy!!!!
    2) I am going abroad next semester and I am getting nervous jitters…this would calm me and decorate my room (since I will not be bringing decorations)
    Also, i love colors and flowers and books1!!!!!

    email: barrosb0 [at] sewanee [dot] edu (it is a zero after the last “b” )

  27. Wgirl says

  28. aj says

    zOMG! This book looks awesome! I have really gotten into the various paper-crafting projects, including origami. This book’s projects make me think of that, and it allows for the option of creating a bouquet that can be scented with essential oils

  29. Kelly Sas says

    I would LOVE/have to win/have Paper Blossoms because I am a collector of Adult Pop-Up books! I do not have one that is of flower bouquets and this one looks heavenly.

  30. Carmen says

  31. Jennifer says

    Wow! Would so love to have this book! My grandmother always loved to have a fresh bouquet of flowers in her kitchen. She is now sick and doesn’t get out that often, but I know that she would love to have these almost fresh flowers for her table. Beautiful! I may just have to buy the book if I don’t win :)

  32. Sue says

  33. Donna says

    What a beautiful book! I’d love to examine how they did the flowers to help reproduce the flowers for 3-d cards. What fun!

  34. Dragonfly Garden says

    I’m pretty much stuck in the house most of the long, cold winter and I would love to have something like this to help keep my little hands busy. What flowers can do for a person when it’s too cold and snowy garden.

  35. chinamomxtwo says

    How cool is this book–what a nice way to warm up- looking at flowers–nothing better! Thx for the chance to win it! MP rocks!!

  36. catnap says

    I love the bouquet I see in the photo and I know it would help me get through the long winter days (not being a winter weather person at all). But I’ve also reached a point in my life where I realize I have took much stuff and it’s taking up a lot of space (not being the type to get rid of stuff easily). So, I doubly appreciate the cheerfulness of the flowers and the fact that multiple bouquets will fold up and store in a very small package. It doesn’t get any better than this!

  37. billiejo says

    How clever is this, and beautiful too! I’d love to have this book to brighten up my home! Thanks for the chance to win.
    Sandy my dot billiejo at gmail dot com

  38. Katelyn says

    Oh I love this! I would put in on my kitchen table since my coffee table is usually full of junk!

  39. Gayle says

    I am in love with paper flowers and I would love to win this book. I could make cards, use the flowers as bows on packages, make a full bouquet for a centerpiece (of course adding lots of glitter to make them sparkle and shine), I could frame the flowers, mod podge a bowl with the petals. I have a VW Bug and I always use flowers in the little provided vase…so I would have endless flowers to put in the vase. Thank you for such a great opportunity to wind this beautiful book.

    Gayle Taylor
    [email protected]

  40. Scrapycandy says

    I would love this book! It looks fascinating! I love all things papercrafting and this would be great on the coffee table.

  41. jhitomi says

    I would love to win this because I was just looking around our yard and getting depressed at how grey and grim everything is. I need some bright blossoms to cheer me up.
    jhbalvin at gmail dot com

  42. Ratty Hugs says

    What a lovely book. So filled with beauty & inspiration, I’d love to add it my collection of paper sculpture books.Thank you for the chance to win it.

  43. shar says

    i would love to win this. i have a friend who could use some cheering up and i would like to give her this book. thanks for chance!

  44. Nick Ashley Reagan Coen & Ike says

  45. jewelinthelotus says

    I’d love to win this, not just because it’s beautiful, but to try to replicate some of the pages!

  46. M.E. says

    I would love this book because it’s absolutely gorgeous and would serve as a great source of inspiration.

  47. Katy Wilson says

  48. Connie says

  49. TZel says

    I would love for my daughter to have this book as she is going through a hard time. Thank yoou very much!
    bridgestranslation at yahoo dot com

  50. Sandy Ang says

  51. lovelyai says

    I love paper flowers and would love to learn how to make them to decorate my home with!


  52. beccagoose says

  53. Adrienne says

    A few years ago, my mother gave me a mother’s day card with a bouquet inside, with a note that she wanted me to hand-make one for her just like it next year. Since then I have deconstructed and reconstructed several such cards, and enjoy the challenge immensely. Those cards are too expensive though, so I’d like the book so I can have more options.


  54. Leslie Godfrey says

    This would be so amazing to have on our table during these dark and dreary months of winter! But I know it would look lovely during the warmer season too! Would absolutely love this!

  55. susies1955 says

  56. Lesley says

  57. CoreyAnn says