Make your own state ornaments

Mod Podge state ornaments
I live in Georgia, but I will always consider myself a proud Washingtonian. I like things with the state of Washington on them like drinking glasses and t-shirts. Is that dorky? Anyhoo, I love these ornaments by Vanessa (and co.) at Silly Eagle Books. Vanessa has a complete handle on fun and educational Mod Podge projects for children, and this is no exception. You can also learn the state captials in the process if you really want a challenge. Come on – you know you don’t know them all! Visit the tutorial for these ornaments (and see more pictures) here.


  1. Karrieann says

    Oh my gosh! Me tooooo! Georgia but heart is in Washington!
    Thank you for sharing great ideas on your blog!

    Merry Christmas!

    ..and a Happy New Year to you and yours!

  2. sleepyhead designs studio says

    Ok-Love this! I’ll have to put on file for next Christmas! What a cute gift to send to people!

  3. DaWonderland says

    Oops, what a nice ornaments. But too late for this year X’mas coz……today already X’mas day. haha… Merry X’mas ya!

    I will do it for my next year X’mas. Thx for sharing, I love it very much. Something UNIQUE!!!

  4. TeresaK says

    Hi from SW Washington! My nephew has been learning the states and their capitals and might enjoy making these. Thanks for sharing!