ImagineNations globes

Imaginations globe
This isn’t so much a project as much as it is a really amazing Mod Podge find alert – you have to visit the ImagineNations site and you have to go now. The site sells handmade globes made by Wendy with Mod Podge and other recycled materials . . . and they are amazing. I love the “Where the Wild Things Are” one above, but I truly love them all. If you are feeling truly ambitious, you can make your own version; or if you are feeling truly generous, buy me one for Christmas. Kidding. Sort of. So visit the site here, and then go to the blog here to see an interesting video entitled “How Globes are Made.”


  1. Ms.Cupcake says

    Thank you so much for your post! Me and Mr C were so shocked to see “Mod Podge” Amy on our site!! Who knew posting about MP would bring an expert to us!

  2. TYRaines says

    I love this idea… and I have an old globe in storage, and a bunch of vintage books. Yay! I found another project.