Simply green board book birdhouse

Mod Podge board book house
I found this birdhouse on Daily Danny – an eco-friendly blog by green living expert Danny Seo – and it reminded me of a funny story. You see, I LOVED The Fox & Hound when I was little. So much so that my mom ordered me a personalized Fox & Hound story where the printer puts the child’s (my) name in the text (see an example of what I’m talking about here). The problem is that I thought the book was really about me – that someone had written it specially about yours truly. My best friend Stephani’s name was even in there, so I was sure! I guess I was a very literal child. Anyhoo, seeing this Fox & Hound book birdhouse brings it all back. And makes me smile.

Visit here to see how Danny puts together his book birdhouse – there’s even a video from the Today show. It would be very fun to do a winter-hemed board book birdhouse for this time of year, or even for any holiday. Danny’s got a lot of great eco-friendly ideas, so pay him a visit and tell him I sent you.


  1. Hoot-n-Andy LLC says

    oh, i LOVE this idea! definitely going to try this out! i’m already picturing a saggy, baggy elephant one…. :)

  2. Pamela says

    Amazing craft. I think “I Help Mommy” would be a good one. I’m going to come back after Christmas and make all your ideas. I have a bunch of them marked.

  3. Aimee Steckowski says

    i can’t find the project on the Daily Danny page— any help??!! :) {[email protected]} – thank you!