Candy cane holder with sparkle

Decorate a Christmas candy cane holderI’m from the school of thought that everything has a place, including the wonderful white and red sticks known as candy canes. The shelf life for these puppies seems to be a million years, and I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but candy canes are now made in some fanciful flavors. I particularly like the Spree ones. I like to have them around to munch on during the holidays, so I dolled up this candy cane holder.  Now when people come to my desk, they can try to grab a candy cane before I slap their hand. Ha!  Just kidding. Unless it’s the last one. Here’s how I made this candy cane holder, and gave it a little glitz too.

Attention newbies – I think you are going to like this one. There is no paper involved, so you can practice.

Gather These Supplies

IMG_3094Paint your balls with Soft Apple (heh heh). The great thing about these little wood balls is that they have holes pre-drilled in the bottom, so they can be stuck on the end of a chopped-up dowel rod and painted without touching. Nice huh?

IMG_3105Completely paint your wood surface with the lighter color and allow to dry. You will probably need two to three coats.

IMG_3106Use your stencil tape to create stripes. You can measure if you like – I typically eyeball it. So what I’m saying is, the stripes look straight to me but not to anyone else. Once you have the tape in place, paint the darker color for stripes. Peel the tape off immediately and allow to dry. Work one side at a time. Paint the entire base with the darker color.

IMG_3108Glue the feet on to the base of the container and allow to dry.

IMG_3109Paint the entire container with Mod Podge; give two or three coats. Allow to dry.

IMG_3110Accent the darker stripes with Hologram Extreme Glitter. Use a thinner brush and paint one coat. Allow to dry and you’ll have just the glimmer you want to make people love your candy cane bin.

Make a candy candy holder


  1. Shannon @ Why Not On A Tuesday says

    What – you didn’t use glitter Mod Podge?!? Glitter mod podge is the best!

  2. says

    Thanks everyone!

    Hey Shannon! I do love MP glitter too but I wanted a smaller particle glitter in a hologram shade. Silver MP Glitter still has a special place in my heart though, never fear! 😀

  3. Elizabeth says

    Adorable! You can use it for so many things! Love the green too! Would love for you to visit me at Sew Chatty and link up to Made with Love Monday! The party will be open until Friday if you want to link up multiple projects. Hope you have a great day!

  4. **Amy** says

    Love this and the idea to display your candy canes. I always shove them in a cupboard. But look how cute and festive they look!