DIY Star Wars toys

DIY Star Wars peg dollsLindsey from Filth Wizardry has no way of knowing how happy she made me (in addition to her children) when she created these DIY Star Wars toys. There have been few times since starting this blog that I have been rendered speechless – this is one of those times. These toys are AMAZING, and they are all sealed with Mod Podge. She’s also created some transportation to go with them. I can’t talk anymore, you just have to visit here now to see everything.


  1. Casey says

    These. Are. AWESOME!!! I’m totally going to be making some of these for my 5 year old, who is our newest Star Wars obsessed kid, for Christmas. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. says

    Hi! I love your blog! I never thought that there was such a thing as a “mod podge blog”. Now that I know, i have to head to my local craft store and buy one. I cant wait to try it.

  3. Christina says

    Walker totally rocks the wig ! You could get one in different colors maybe and they could all wear one 😉

  4. Patti [email protected] says

    Love the pooches in their wig!! My cutey puppy would never be so compliant

  5. Jeff, Steph, Lexi and Archer says

    Your blog is so inspiring…even if I don’t win I’m still excited about the link to the free canvas! I would say you have the cutest dog ever but then I would be cheating on my cutest dog ever;)

  6. craftyols says

    Ok, ok, twist my arm, my friend. If you bring me the pegs, I will make you some. But you have to help me make the Millenium Falcon dollhouse! Craft night, here we come!
    Love you,girl,