A sewing DIY frame with Dimensional Magic

A sewing DIY frame with Dimensional MagicA book review I’ve been working on has gotten my desire to sew up and running again after years of dormancy. This isn’t a sewing blog, but it is a Mod Podge blog – so for the Sizzix blog hop today, I’ve combined the two in this DIY frame. I have to say, this week’s die by Eileen Hull is pretty cool. It’s a frame with lots of decorative bits, so there are a lot of options for customization. I did just that with some sewing themed chipboard pieces; I didn’t add a picture yet because I wanted you to see the pretty paper behind the frame. I hope you like it. Here’s how I did it.

Gather These Supplies

IMG_3075Trace your frame back and inside piece on the back of your scrapbook paper. Cut out.

IMG_3076Lay out the sheets of paper and the frame to make sure everything fits. Trim as needed.

IMG_3077Paint all parts of the frame that you are using with the color of your choice – I used Tapioca. Allow all pieces to dry.

IMG_3078Spread Mod Podge on the parts of your frame that will be covered with paper. Place the paper down onto the frame and smooth thoroughly. Allow to dry for 15 – 20 minutes.

IMG_3083Apply a top coat to the paper, and coat the entire frame (including the back pieces) at this point. Allow to dry. At this time, assemble your frame with craft glue. Glue the back on and the frame front to the back. Allow to dry.

IMG_3079Paint your chipboard pieces. Isn’t the dress form so very cute?

IMG_3088I used a smaller brush on the spool. This is why they are called sew cute. I can barely stand it. Paint all your pieces as shown and allow to dry. I added polka dots to the dress form with the end of my paint brush.

IMG_3089Apply Dimensional Magic to the tops of all of the small pieces. Work slowly so that the Dimensional Magic doesn’t go over the edges. If it does, don’t worry – it will be okay. Just wipe away the excess. Keep these small pieces in a safe place that isn’t too cold. You don’t want the Dimensional Magic to crack.

IMG_3095Glue all of your pieces to the frame with your craft glue. Allow them to dry and then you can stand your frame up. Cut a picture to fit the inside of the frame – I recommend allowing some of the cute paper to show around the edges! You can use double-stick tape to apply the picture to the back of the frame, and guess what? The great thing about Mod Podge is that you will be able to take the picture off later and replace it with a new one. It won’t permanently stick to the Podge. Hope you enjoy my DIY frame. I’m trying to figure out who to give this to as a gift. My mom likes sewing . . .

A sewing DIY frame with Dimensional Magic


  1. Eileen Hull says

    Love this Amy- great combination of sewing and paper! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Thanks for working with my die!

  2. Candice Windham says

    Amy, I love the vintage colors of this piece. The extra elements really make it special!

  3. Einat Kessler says

    What a cute frame. I love all the sewing details you added. It is really cute! Happy Thanksgiving