Witch Craft book review

When asked to review Witch Craft, a compilation of projects by Margaret McGuire and Alicia Kachmar, I nearly jumped out of my skin in excitement.  Halloween is my holiday; there’s no other way to say it.  I tend to stick with decoupage most of the time (shocker), so I greatly appreciate being given the motivation to try something else – something else like sewing, paper crafts or jewelry.  I’m completely diggin’ this crafty compendium.  Here are my five favorite things about Witch Craft.

1.  The variety of projects (over 25).  Anything you can think of is in here, whether it requires a needle, crochet hook, baking pans or some felt.  It’s easy to get stuck in a “rut” (Hi, my name is Amy, and I have a Mod Podge addiction), so I like books that encourage me to pursue other crafts.  I probably wouldn’t buy a Halloween book all about sewing.  Nevermind, I would if it were Halloween.  I probably wouldn’t buy a book featuring only Halloween jewelry.  Okay, nevermind that either, you know what I mean.

2.  The Wicked Mary Janes.  This is my favorite project, without question.  I don’t have a picture, but I assure you, they are amazing. I want to make all three pairs from the book – the zombie kittens, the cute black cats AND the Franken/Dracula twins.  What an easy and cute project.

3.  The included patterns and printables.  This book doesn’t take up a lot of space, yet there are several patterns and printables inside from which to choose.  There are additional downloadables here on the Quirk Books site.  Additional free goodies make me giddy.

4. The Halloween food.  I’m not like Martha.  I don’t think of wrapped weenie mummy fingers and jello molds with mice in them.  I like the simple treats in Witch Craft, and I can actually make them without special baking tools.

5.  The section in the back of the book highlighting the “witch crafters,” the featured artists in this book.  I’m on the internet all day, every day – so I might as well visit some blogs of awesome artists and crafters.

My friends, this is a fabulous book.  If you are a Halloween addict, lover or even an appreciator, you are going to enjoy this.  Buy it here and then join the Witch Craft Facebook group here.  I’m looking forward to year-long Halloween inspiration.


  1. [email protected] says

    my favorite thing about Halloween is being able to dress up and be someone else for day!

  2. Anonymous says

  3. grave says

    my favorite thing about halloween… wow, how can i express my love for this holiday with simple words? it’s my absolute favorite! the candy, the pumpkins, the spookinesssss!!! but, i suppose my most favorite thing is that it’s the one day of the entire year that you can be whoever you want to be, without judgment and without question. for some people it’s the only day they can truly be themselves. rebeccagrave^at^gmail^dot^com.

  4. Nicola [email protected] says

    Halloween is my favorite holiday …the book looks awesome

  5. Anonymous says

  6. Ziggyeor says

    I love being able to dress up! Though I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to get some last min items to throw the costume I wanted to do together. Might have to go a different direction.

    Cute shirt and I’d love the Mod Podge pack 😉

  7. lizzie says

    my favorite thing about halloween? trick or treating! i love taking the kidds out and us getting spooked by other ppls costumes as we walk around getting candy… its awesome!!!

  8. Home Cooking Memories says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is the food – I love the mix of Autumn flavors and spooky creativity!

    homecookingmemories at gmail dot com

  9. debBdooz says

    I have tons of MP but must have the shirt!!! This will sound crazy but I’m having major back surgery in 3 weeks and am collecting XL, fun, different and crazy tees to wear during my stay in rehab. I was so excited to see this book…looks so cool. So there’s my comment and the plans I have for adding to my wardrobe, LOL.

  10. Kory says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is coming up with a costume to make. I don’t believe in buying a premade one and even though I ALWAYS wait until the last minute, I love the scramble to become something fabulous!

  11. Meg says

    i love pumpkins! i don’t know why, but i find them sooo cute! i don’t carve them but draw or paint on them instead (lasts longer!). thanks for the chance to win!

  12. My My Mindy says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is making things! I make costumes, food, desserts, and decorations. My kids help me with everything and we usually wind up making wonderful family memories.

  13. stepstep says

    it’s pretty hard to narrow my love of Halloween to just one thing, but i would say my favorite part of halloween is the folklore that goes along with it. i love all the stories & beliefs & myth to this holiday & time of year!! < ]:>}

  14. Kim says

  15. DANA says

  16. LenaLoo says

    I love everything about Halloween, but I especially love to decorate and make spooky food. Growing up we always celebrated all the October b-days on Halloween with my family and had a crazy costume party after early trick or treating. It was so much fun. I hope to continue the “after party” tradition with my little one who is going to be a cute panda this year!

  17. Cyd says

    What isn’t my favorite thing about Halloween? But if pressed, I’d have to say that I love the costumes – the dressing up and being somebody else! And all the spooky, scary fun of course!

  18. jsahawkwiz says

    Any time I can dress up, I’m a happy girl. Plus, this is a good challenge for me as my kids never want to be anything ‘normal’ so I usually have to make the costumes myself. My hot glue gun and I get quite a work out this time of year.

  19. flyingbeader says

    I love going to the stores & seeing all the skeletons & monsters. I don’t dress up anymore, but I use to wear a costume at work when I was drawing blood in the morning (hospital won’t let us do it anymore…boohoo). Patients would literally howl with laughter which started their day off right. It is the best medicine. Now days, I get out all my vampire dolls and enjoy sitting them around the house.


  20. Melissa says

  21. Bethany says

  22. مونيكا says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is the COSTUMES! I love seeing what people come up with (I live in a city where it is common for adults to dress up).

    Great contest and topic this week!

  23. Erika says

    My favorite thing about halloween is seeing all the kiddos dressed up and making fun treats for them.

    Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  24. Bree says

  25. stefeni says

    What great ideas! I love the free candy, and envy those who are still young enough to get it without being questioned..Now I love making costumes for my dogs and I :)

    spunkycrayon at yahoo dot com

  26. BleuMoon says

    I love everything halloween – crafts and cooking and parties – so much halloween love!



  27. EileenMV says

  28. Kathy says

    I love decorating for Halloween and autumn baking. And seeing my little niece dressed up in her costume.

  29. Mindy says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is planning and putting together the costume for our annual Halloween costume party. It’s always a blast! Of course, the party rocks too.

  30. Wendy says

    Spending it with my son, watching his anticipation build as Halloween nears, seeing him revel in the reactions of his friends to his homemade costumes…participating in his joy just makes my life worth living.
    petelet720 which is at yahoo, then the dot, then the com.

  31. Martina says

    I love everything about Halloween, but this year I really love costumes. Homecoming Week at my college is also the week of Halloween, so it’s costumes galore. Monday is superhero week. I’m going as Batgirl. I printed out a bat symbol and mod-podged it to some scrap leather I had. Then, I stapled the symbol to a black t-shirt. I cut out another bat symbol and again mod=podged it to leather. I’m going to use it to make a bracelet. My e-mail is [email protected].

  32. Michelle says

    Wow, my favorite thing about Halloween is seeing all the kiddo’s dressed up and trick or treating! Especially the little ones! Soooo cute.

  33. TYRaines says

    I love Halloween because I enjoy all the fun decorations, and this year I got to make some special gifts for our monthly meeting — cones with my first set of handmade tags! I sure could use that book for more ideas.

  34. Alicia says

    My favorite part about Halloween is the excitement of small children Trick or Treating. There should seriously be an age limit since the older kids aren’t as appreciative and happy about what you give them.

  35. Alison says

    It’s nearly impossible for me to pick only one fave thing about Halloween! It is my favorite day of the year!!! So, I will name a few…the costumes, the candy, the decorations, the creating of the decorations, rmembering those that have passed on, the costumes…oops! Did I say that already? I’ll tell you my least favorite thing…that it’s only once a year!

  36. Tribal Horse Designs says

  37. Susie Harr says

    My favorite thing about Halloween? Well, the candy. And dressing up. And decorating with cute and yucky things together. And the pumpkins, of course. Oh, and did I mention the candy?

  38. ekramer says

  39. Swirly Designs says

    Our favorite thing about Halloween besides candy would be all the fun vintage looking Halloween decor, stickers, cards, treat bags etc

  40. Marcia says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is that I can celebrate a birthday at the same time! I enjoy being around the little kiddies and handing out candy. We buy candy that we would want to eat (if it isn’t all gone). LOL. Thank you for this giveaway opportunity. modpodgerocks

  41. Sus says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is all the cool crafts an costumes and decorations I can make. Sharing ideas through the internet has made a HUGE impact on my crafting!

  42. Jayne says

    I love pumpkins. The desserts, the decorations, the carving…everything that has to do with pumpkins!

  43. Meg says

    I can’t pick just one favorite thing about Halloween… the pumpkin carving, the decorating, the spooky movies, the fall colors on the leaves, the excitement of the trick or treaters…. seriously I can’t pick just one. I love everything about Halloween!

  44. Heather K says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is all the great things you can make. I love to create with my kids. and oh yeah… the candy!!

  45. Liz4aker says

    What do I love about Halloween? Everything! I love the special halloween episodes of tv shows, the excuse to eat candy, the decorations, the chance to be a kid again, and knowing that the winter holidays are just around the corner. Halloween is like the opening ceremonies for the holiday season.

  46. Nitasha says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is seeing my kiddos all dressed up and excited about the evening’s events! I also enjoy seeing everyone else out enjoying trick or treating with thier families too!

  47. Kelly Massman says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is seeing how creative everyone can be making their costumes! :-)

  48. laura marie says

    I love how you can be anything. And by anything, I mean anything! Get the creative juices flowing and Halloween is an awesome holiday.

  49. Casa Cannon says

    The candy of course! Well, and seeing everyone’s kiddos in cute costumes. I finally gave in a bought a thing of MP this weekend and am trying my hand at my first project! We’ll see how it goes, I’m nervous! ([email protected])

  50. chinamommy says

    i LOVE making costumes for my adorable 7 year old daughter!! That is my FAVORITE part of Halloween!!

  51. Playing Out Time says

    My favorite part of halloween. All of it. Laugh. It’s the least stressful and most fun “holiday”. Making costumes for my daughter and seeing her all excited for halloween. Halloween crafts. Candy of course. Decorating for it. Baking halloween treats. The only time neighbors don’t seem to mind you in their yard or knocking on their doors (well saying trick or treat). Other times they just ignore ya. Laugh. Seeing others creative ideas for costumes. Yep, Halloween is a favorite of mine!

  52. she wears flowers says

    I love the excitement of Halloween that kicks off several months of holidays. And, I have to say that dressing up my children is my most favorite part of Halloween.

  53. Lauri says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is taking my kids trick-or-treating. They have so much fun and a little candy makes them so happy :)

  54. My Blessed Serendipity Life says

    I love candy and it’s a good excuse to stock up (for the trick or treaters of course).


  55. says

    Witchcraft has some fun looking projects! I like the decorations. I have seen so many wonderfully creative ideas! I want to have them all!

  56. Kat says

    My favorite thing, well, I dress up everyday, but its super cute to see everyone else looking so special! Oh, and I also love that people pay more attention to bugs and spiders this time of year – I work with insects, so I get lots of questions about them :)

    … and my favorite thing about Mod Podge is that its vegan!!! Yay!

  57. Jake n Kait says

  58. Saige says

  59. Katharine says

  60. Daniel, Kylie, and Grant says

  61. shobelle says

    I love Hallowe’en because you can be anything you want … and no one looks at you funny! :) Or, maybe they do, but you want them to.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  62. Heather Acton says

    Having all the wide-eyed little ones in costumes come by my door. That’s my favourite part.

    I have an idea for something I want to try with modge podge but I haven’t had a chance to get out and get some. Maybe I’ll win a sample pack to play with! Thanks for the chance!

  63. Tamara says

    What’s my favorite thing about Halloween? Everything! I love picking out a costume (or, more often than not, searching through Goodwill and Savers to find pieces and making what I can’t find), decorating, making fun crafts, giving away food and the crafts that I made, the candy (Yum!), the spookiness, the history behind it… Should I continue? It may take me a while to finish.

    This Halloween, I am super excited because I get to visit my sister, which means hanging out with my gorgeous niece and dress her up in an adorable ladybug costume (she’s only four months).

  64. erin says

    I LOVE the fact you can dress up as anything you want! Anything can go, it is a teachers dream to be able to come up with a costume that is not at all you. I love imagination and seeing that on Halloween is what makes it so awesome for me!

  65. aj says

    My favorite part about Halloween is the chance to be a kid again. The costumes, the candy, the ghost stories, the trick or treating… All of it is fun and makes me smile.

  66. Anonymous says

  67. suzieQ says

    Halloween is the perfect holiday. No big meals, no presents to buy, everything about it seems optional. It is such a creative holiday since costumes can go the scary route to the totally realistic recreation. Oh, and did I mention the candy aspect? A holiday, based on candy? The symbols of the season are fun too; witches, pumpkins, bats and my favorite of all, black cats! Fall is a beautiful time of year, a respite before the snow flies. Halloween rocks. Oh, and Boo to you!

  68. Eisbärin says

    I love about Halloween that all the kids come to my door for the sweets that I package up in cute and scary packagings! Just love their faces!
    Thanks for the chance to win some fab Mod Podge!!
    Love, Alex

  69. Estee says

    Where I live we don’t celebrate Haloween, but I love seening all the pumpkins online :)

    stkavdiel @ gmail . com

  70. Lindy says

    My favorite part of Halloween is dressing up but I also like all the decorations.

    The Witch Craft book looks awesome; you are such a lucky girl.

    Thanks for the chance.

  71. Shutterbug Mama says

  72. AngeLikeMe says

    My favorite thing about Halloween IS Halloween! I love the pageantry of the costumes, the food, the decorations and the crafts. The thing I love the most is the excitement on the faces of the children and passing down traditions.

    (I think the blog server went down)

  73. Barbara says

  74. Tonya says

    I love Halloween because I get to help my girls dress up (I’m a formal costume seamstress so I LOVE that part) and have all the smells and colors of autumn around our home. :)

  75. catnap says

    Now that son is grown and I can’t make costumes for him anymore, I’d say my favorite part of Halloween is seeing all the adorable little neighborhood kids in their costumes. I’d love to dress up like Mod Podge Amy myself!
    cat.naps at yahoo period com

  76. paperpapier says

    my favourite part about Halloween is being able to create something ghoulish yet artistic tag, card or decoration.

  77. ~Laura Rogers~ says

  78. onangelwings says

    I love the excitement on my kids faces. They get so happy when they see themselves in their costumes and they are so polite when they get their treats. Makes me realize I taught them well.

  79. Deanna says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is actually new this year – dressing up our 9 month old in his Halloween costume! I also love that Halloween is my husband’s birthday!

  80. Deanna says

    My favorite part about Halloween is new this year – dressing up our 9 month old son! Also, Halloween is my husband’s birthday, so I love to celebrate his life!

  81. Ella says

    My favorite part about Halloween is the neighborhood decorations competition. My neighborhood is decked out in graveyards, ghosts and witches. We have gotten a lot of really awesome craft ideas from this and since we are just getting into crafting its been a lot of fun!

  82. Tiffany Sherman says

    My fav thing about Halloween is all the cool crafty things I see around our neighborhood for decorations!

  83. Gayle says

    The thing I love about this holiday is when the children come to my door all decked out in their costumes. It brings back memories of my own children and the fun we had making homemade costumes. Our whole neighborhood got together and did a haunted house in one garage, food and snacks in one garage and games in another garage. The daddies got involved and it was a blast. My children still talk about those fun memories. Thanks for this opportunity to have a chance to win. I LOVE MOD PODGE, it truly ROCKS!!!

    Gayle Taylor
    [email protected]

  84. Jude says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is how excited the kids get about it! Plus all the candy!! I love your blog by the way.

  85. Shannon says

    What do I love most about Halloween? I love the look on my husbands face after he finishes decorating our house for Halloween. He’s so proud and excited; it’s definitely his favorite holiday by far.

  86. Teresa says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is decorating for the holiday AND how much my children enjoy all of the festivities!

  87. - - Sheryl - - says

    I love the decorations! My kids are older now – so I invite my sister’s kids to come to our house and I had out candy to over 80 + kids and have my yard and house decorated. It’s a fun time of year and enjoy the interaction.

  88. maparker64 says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is giving out candy! I love watching the little kiddos when you drop that candy into their little bag! =)

  89. Brenda says

    I love dreaming up unique costumes for my kids and soon I will get to do the same with my grandkids

    Burffrau @ aol dot com

  90. Anonymous says

  91. Sarahie says

    I love Halloween! I love dressing up. I love decorating my house. But, most of all, I love getting creative with food. Not just treats, but making meals with a spooky twist! I love watching people reacting to the freaky food, but then still enjoying it because it tastes so good!

  92. Stacia says

    My favorite thing about halloween is still candy. I love decorating and pumpkins and all that..but candy…candy all the way!

  93. Wanda says

  94. Judy says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is greeting the little ones at the door. I love their enthusiasm, carving pumpkins and eating candy corn. thanks.

  95. islasmommy says

  96. KarenB says

    We don’t have Halloween here but I’d love to experience a north American Halloween even just once! I love the idea of seeing kids dressing up and visiting door to door, and having little treats to give them :)

  97. Karen says

  98. Erika says

    I still have to go to the store and get some Mod Podge, or you could just pick me. :) I love Halloween too. It’s always been my mom’s favorite as well.

  99. Teril says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is seeing all the kids running around in costume. My 5yr old daughter loves dressing up and this is the one time of the year she can put on her dress up and run around town all day with me dressed up with her also 😉 My other two daughters are really in it for the candy. They even wanted new sneakers for walking 😉
    Mod Podge rocks!
    terilhack AT yahoo.com

  100. Suzuka says

    I love halloween parties – I’m in Theatre, so it’s always awesome seeing the insanely detailed and innovative costumes people come up with.

  101. Yelowflower says

    My favorite part of halloween would have to be the costumes….I love the opportunity to pretend I’m not me with impunity lol

  102. Liesal says

    I love the creativity of Halloween. Everyone can be creative with their costume and it’s so fun to see what people come up with and why. You can be creative with the treats that you give out. And you can be creative with the pumpkin that you carve. Love it!

  103. Stacey says

  104. Anne Marie@Married to the Empire says

    Oooh, I flipped through that book in Barnes & Noble several weeks ago and loved it! I adore the cat slippers! So, um, PICK ME, PICK ME!

    My favorite thing about Halloween is how big a deal my husband makes out of putting together a costume every year. The man is SERIOUS about it.

  105. librarianism says

    Fun giveaway! My favorite thing about Halloween is the way it bucks authority. What a little rebel of a holiday! While other holidays remind us to be virtuous, Halloween screams out “do something you wouldn’t normally do.”

  106. Tracy says

    I love everything about Halloween. That it is in the Fall, that it is about dressing up, decorations, etc. But most importantly I love Halloween because I am able to celebrate my daughter, Emma’s, birthday!

  107. Stephanie says

    my favorite thing about halloween is the color combo of purple, green and orange-my 3 favorite colors in general, all over the place!
    Oh, and Candy Corn! :)

  108. My Favorite Things says

    I love everything about Halloween! Number one it is a stress free holiday. You can do as little or as much as you want and your good to go. Everything about it is fun from the dressing up, the candy, and the best part is the decorations!

  109. mollymum says

    I love the symbolism: especially pumpkins, black cats, the moon, bats, owls, spooky trees, crows. I also must mention the great excuse Halloween offers us… to craft and get messy :-)

    my blog-

    email – mollymumdesigns at gmail dot com

  110. Anonymous says

  111. Fidget says

    I used to love to scare the kids when handing out candy, but have lost that costume. So now, I love bagging up the candy in decorative bags and handing that out along with glow-sticks for the kids.

  112. ~Laura Rogers~ says

    The thing I love most about Halloween are the fun & creative costumes that people come up with! This year I am going to be a Mime! Can’t wait to hear back about this contest!

  113. Steph says

    I love candy corn! I also like decorating the porch (though I keep it to mostly fall decorations), and seeing the cute baby costumes! :)

  114. Nike@ChooseToThrive says

    I love making costumes for my dirty half dozen kiddos. The challenge feeds my obsessive crafty gene!

  115. Alicia says

    My fav thing about Halloween is having watched my kids and then various nieces & nephews throughout the year in different costumes. Each year more creative as they get more of a say in what they want to be this year. I love Halloween. I love seeing all the little kids come to my door…and even the big kids.

  116. Randi says

    I love seeing the excitement my daughter has about Halloween and finding a costume for trick or treating!

  117. Andrea says

    The weather, and pumpkins and scary decorations oh and my dads birthday.He was lucky enough to be born on such a fun day.

  118. wcroto says

    I love all the stores having candy on sale. We don’t have trick-or-treaters but it never stops me from buying my favorite chocolates or other candy.

  119. sarah says

    I love how excited my kids get to pick our their costumes and then go trick or treating. and this year especially because we are now in a neighborhood where we get to have trick-or-treaters come to our door! so fun!

  120. Lucija says

  121. Livia says

  122. says

  123. Tara says

    We love all things Halloween. My kids are so excited they dressed in their costumes yesterday so my 3year old son could practice saying trick or treat. Too cute. I found your blog by a link on another blog. Mod Podge brings back fond memories for me. I used to make Christmas candles with our neighbor as a kid. We used Mod Podge to attach printed napkins & glitter to a candle. I would love the starter set so I could start the same tradition with my 6 year old daughter.

  124. campblsoupgrl says

    What I love best about Halloween is the spooky decorations. They can go super scary or whimsical with everything in between. I’m a sucker for dark items with a little bit of sparkle… 😉

  125. Noel D. says

    I love the CANDY, dressing up, seeing all the trick-or-treaters, the spooky and fun decorations, and the GLITTER! There is something about glitter that makes everything fun and pretty :)
    LOVE the book, TFS!

  126. Rachel @ CrazyTown says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is dressing up. I love coming up with fun costume themes for my family (we’re the Scooby gang this year) and couples parties (last year we were Al & Peggy Bundy). I also love the food as I am a pumpkin lovin’ freak!!

    Dare I even say that I am new to Mod Podge :o!

  127. Tera says

    I’m motivated by your blog. Thank you so much for all the great ideas. Who knew you could do so much with Mod Podge. The starter pack…I didn’t know there is a variety of different Mod Podge types. I only knew of the regular type with Matte or Gloss. My favorite thing about Halloween is taking the kiddos to trick or treat. They have a blast.

  128. tanya904 says

    I have the Witch Craft book and love it :) My fave thing about Halloween are those Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins.. I’m addicted,lol
    tanyainjville at yahoo dot com