Upcycle a boring kitchen storage canister

Upcycle a boring kitchen canister
I’m a huge fan of acrylic paint, but I’m also a huge fan of spray paint. Both are good for different applications, and this is a case where spray paint rocks the hizzy. Jen from iHeart Organizing picked the most lovely shade of avocado when she revamped her kitchen canisters. I can hear my mom telling me that she used to have canisters just like this in the 70’s, and me responding that she should have kept them, because canisters like this are awesome. I’m inspired to create my own thanks to Jen, and I’m picturing something orange next to this avocado. Visit the complete tutorial here.


  1. Seedplanter Designs says

    Love this color! It’s fresh and adds such a beautiful touch – and so simple to transform anything, too. Thanks for sharing an excellent suggestion!

  2. Big Bird says

    Very nice. In my kitchen it gets humid and of course there’s grease, smudges (lot’s of cooking going on) I wonder how durable the added decor is as far as wiping it down, etc. Looks very pretty.