Stiffy fox lamp with matsutake

Mod Podge Stiffy lamp tutorial
I’m completely breaking the rules, but that shouldn’t surprise you. I bet you can guess that rule breaking is totally how I roll, but let me note that this attitude never applied to parents or school. Those were two things I didn’t mess with. Right, mom?

So how am I breaking the rules, you ask? This isn’t a Mod Podge project – it’s a Stiffy project. A fox lamp actually, by Katie of Matsutake. But I hope you will forgive me, because Stiffy is Mod Podge’s country cousin. I also know that you are laughing about the name right now, but this is serious!

I can always count on Katie to do the coolest crafts, and apparently you can always count on me for some serious alliteration. This fox lamp is amazing, and I want you to see the full tutorial here.


  1. Toodie says

    The lamp is just too cute! Reminds me of the days of hardening with varnish and the smell! I bet this stiffy is great. Thanks for the link.

  2. Big Bird says

    Hmmm. I commented yesterday but it never showed up. This stuff could be exactly what I’ve been needing to stabilize some fabric for a project. Where do you find it? I’ve never seen it before. Also, do you know if it holds up to washing or does it wash out?

  3. Brian says

    Seems like you’d have to start with a stuffed toy/animal that has a pretty transparent “skin”?? I’d love to do this with my child’s decrepit Elmo but doubt the light would shine through?