Personalized bathroom hooks – for organizing

Mod Podge bathroom hooksOrganizing to the level of Jen from I Heart Organizing is something that I’m really not capable of on my own – hence my blog name is “Mod Podge Rocks” and not “Organizing Rocks.”  Organizing doesn’t rock for me, in fact, it’s pretty hard.  People like Jen inspire me with these type of posts because they think of the things that I don’t, and I can learn how to be good at something I’m not.  I dream of a bathroom where everything is in its nice little place, and I think these bathroom hooks are pretty wonderful for that.  Jen used little wood plaques, and they are very Anthropologie-esque.  Do you remember the kitchen canister that Jen Mod Podged?  This is another job, well done!  Visit here for the complete instructions.


  1. Gloria Westerman says

    Amy just watch your tube clip….it was awesome…..thank you…..and thank you for always sharing with us your talents and others talents…I look forward when I see your email….that something good is about to be seen…..