Mod Podge fabric memo board with Georgia Peachez

Mod Podge bulletin boardSuzy from Georgia Peachez recently got her hands on some Fabric Mod Podge, and I’m loving what she thought up.  Check out this corkboard that she covered with fabric bits – not only is it utilitarian and budget friendly, but it’s stinkin’ cute!

Sadly Suzy’s blog is no longer there; but you can get a really great tutorial on making a fabric covered bulletin board at Crazy Little Projects. It’s pretty easy.


  1. Sarah C. says

    How cute! I need to pull my Mod Podge out – I have a few crafty to do’s that it would be perfect for.

  2. Elaine Akers says

    Love it! What a neat project. Now, if I can only find the fabric mod podge. I have seen the shimmer, sparkle, paper, gloss, matte, etc..but no fabric mod podge..bummer!
    Thanks for sharing. Your blog is so neat with so many ideas.
    Elaine Akers

  3. Gloria Westerman says

    This does ROCK…..I have used the regular MP to attach ribbon on plastic and it does great….but I would love to make one of these cork board….thanks Amy for always finding the perfect idea for us….YOU ROCK TOO!!!!!!

  4. Lindy says

    Love this project. Cool combination of fabrics and colors. Makes you want to smile! Thanks for finding and sharing this project! I’m a new follower!