Make your own Mod Podge contact paper

Mod Podge contact paper
I really want to be like Danielle from Amber Lane Living – I’m being completely serious. I’m not the person that has pretty cabinets, because in my perfect world I would be more organized. Sometimes I can’t find my cell phone while I’m talking on it, and it always seems that the craft supply I seek is buried under something else. Luckily it’s just me at Mod Podge Command Central, because I assure you if there were several of us then the pantry would be in total disarray.

But Danielle’s pantry is beautiful.

I saw her pantry on The CSI Project, and I had to share with you because of how wonderful it looks . . . how organized and fabulous, with everything it its correct place. You too can beautify your cabinets, just like Danielle did, with some Mod Podge, fabric and contact paper. This technique could work for smaller cabinets and drawers too, so don’t be afraid to try it on something small and then work up to the big leagues like Danielle. Go here for the tutorial.


  1. GardenDesigner says

    So cute!!! I did all my kitchen cupboards fronts!!
    With Cavalini art papers in spring!! I love it and IRS holding up great!!! Pictures on my flicker

  2. Jen @ says

    That is one of my favorite Mod Podge projects of all time. I LOVE it!!!


  3. The Answer Is Chocolate says

    I happened to pick up clear contact paper this weekend at the Dollar Tree and I hadn’t even seen this. It just seemed like something a crafter should have. My husband is about ready to call the “Hoarders” producers for my office. But I work better in chaos.

  4. syd and spence says

    i love that you have a blog all about mod podge, it’s my favorite thing to use in crafting! thanks for the fun ideas