Light up umbrella holder

Mod Podge umbrella stand
I love umbrellas. I used to have a duck umbrella named Sherman. Don’t ask, I was in my early twenties, and I had time to name inanimate objects. I do have an unintended umbrella collection of sorts, and so when I spotted this light up umbrella holder on DIY Life, I had to share. I’m proud of Mod Podge when it goes uber-stylish with projects such as this one. DIY Life found this project in the newly released book from Curbly called Make It! Hardware Store Decor. The good news is that they provide the full instructions with pictures right here.


  1. Martha anne says

    This is so cute! That would look so cool in a dark front entry at night, if only I had a collection of umbrellas then I would have a reason to make it.

  2. Lei says

    I love umbrellas too, and I have an umbrella stand by my front door. This is definitely a project for me!!!