Halloween glitter gift holder with the Sizzix eclips.

I finally have a glimpse into what it’s like to be a man.  I got a new toy, the Sizzix eclips, and I had to play with it.  It’s equivalent to a new jigsaw on Christmas morning – it came out of the box straightaway, was setup and humming within about 15 minutes.  I made this Mod Podged glittered gift holder, and I like it enough to share it with you.  Not too shabby for my first try, huh?  If you want to make something similar, here’s what to do.

Gather These Supplies
Cardstock in Halloween colors – I used purple, ivory and orange
Sizzix eclips – if you want one badly like I did, go here for a sweet deal from Oh My Crafts!
Mod Podge Silver Glitter
Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
Glue Dots
Trick-or-Treat ribbon – 12″ (or some Halloween ribbon of your choice)
Glitter Bat stickers – mine are Making Memories
Paint brush
Peanut Butter M&Ms (optional)
Pug assistant (also optional)

Here is my assistant Roxie posing with the goods.  She didn’t help much in getting the product out of the box – she was there for emotional support.

Here is the work site “under construction.”  Note the peanut butter M&Ms, which also provide emotional support for machine setup.  Luckily, this went rather smoothly.  I’m not that great with machines (if you can believe it since I blog everyday), but setup was easier than I thought.

“Hello computer.”

Here goes nothing, right?  Placed my paper down on the cutting pad . . . .

put it into the machine, chose a shape and pressed go!  I actually got to select a piece of the skeleton, which was the skull head.  Pretty cool that you can choose pieces of designs.

I may have gone a little out of control with the skeleton cutting, but I did discover the multiple quantity feature and I had to use it.  Plus I will use some of them for another project.  I promise.

Scraped the skellies off of the cutting mat with the spatula and I’m ready to go!

I won’t bore you with additional cutting pictures, but I also cut out the fancy gift holder and “Happy Halloween” phrase.  To get the gift holder, you need the Albums, Bags and Boxes cartridge.  Love this cartridge – you can make so many gift containers.  It SCORES, my friends.  How cool is that?

I bet you thought I wasn’t going to Mod Podge, did you?  You are so silly.  With purple paper, it occurred to me that Mod Podge Glitter would show up great.  So I painted my holder with Silver.

I set my pieces into the Mod Podge to the far left, so that I would have some room on the right to tie my ribbon.  Place your items into the Mod Podge and then allow to dry for 15 – 20 minutes.  Coat the entire outside of the gift holder with Mod Podge and allow to dry.

Add some Dimensional Magic to the skeleton head.  It’s difficult to see in the photos, but it adds some cool texture to the project.  Makes it look like an enamel sticker.  Allow to dry.

Finished up by securing one of the gift holder with Glue Dots – put your candy or whatever into the gift holder and secure the other end.   Wrap ribbon around the right side of the gift holder and secure that with a Glue Dot too.  Add your bat stickers for a finishing touch.

I’m hoping you enjoyed my very first project on an electronic die cutter!  It was so fun, more so than I expected it to be.  Look for more Sizzix eclips action in the next few weeks.

Don’t forget to check out the Sizzix eclips bundle here at Oh My Crafts!


  1. terriennz says

    That is VERY cute! I’ve heard about this machine.. Just never really knew what it did. I own a Cricut & love that thing to death. So I kinda know how you feel with your new toy. :) lol I really love this Mod Podge glue. I need to get my hands on it! Now the silver on your purple cardstock was just the glue itself, right? You didn’t glue & then add silver glitter? Thanks!!

    Terrie B

  2. Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} says

    Very fun! Looks like a super new toy. And I love seeing the Mod Podge Glitter in action. I am going to have to get some!

  3. Kathy@DandelionsandDustBunnies says

    Thanks for stopping by. Love the new toy. Looks like you’ll be doing lots more fun projects with that one.

  4. Stephanie says

    very cool! I love my Cricut Expression, but it doesn’t score. I also LOVE my Extreme Glitter-I think I have most every color except orange-they were out of it wehn I was buying them. I NEED orange, as a fiskateer it’s a must have! Anyway, love your gift holder. :)

  5. Sarah says

    This is probably a very dumb question, but what’s the difference between a sizzix and a Cricut? I don’t really know what either one is, but I’ve been seeing them everywhere. Aren’t they both cutting machines that follow patterns?

  6. says

    Thanks everyone! Sarah, they are both cutting machines, it just depends on your preference. I like the eclips b/c it has a preview function and I just love Sizzix products. The eclips is mi favorito!!

  7. catnap says

    So jealous. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with from your new toy. Whadja do with your fingernail polish? One step it’s there, next step it isn’t…

  8. Gloria Westerman says

    Love NEW TOYS!!!!!!! and this looks awesome…..I bought the silver glitter paint and I love it too….adorable gift box….my question is…..was there any M & M left for the box…..LOL

  9. Amy @ Dealusional says

    You’re such a crafty diva! Look at how cute this is! Great job :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m going to check back here and see what other cute things you have.