Eco friendly DIY dollhouse

DIY dollhouse
It all started when Sarah from Dolls and Daydreams sent me the picture above. It’s a dollhouse that she created out of a cardboard box, a cardboard box that would have otherwise gone into the garbage or landfill, and now it’s a toy. It’s sort of like the pyramids of ancient Egypt too in the way that it fits together without tape or glue. Although I promise you the construction phase is much easier than that of the Sphinx.

Sarah created a pattern for the dollhouse, and she also created some graphics to cover the dollhouse and the cute little wood peg people you see in the photo. Then she started selling them in her Etsy shop. How does it all come together? Mod Podge. In fact, Sarah is providing you with a tutorial for the peg people. Here we go.

Doll House Peg Doll Dolly WrapsGather These Supplies

  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Mod Podge Gloss
  • Sharpie Pen
  • Paintbrush
  • Sponge applicator
  • Acrylic paint
  • Wooden peg dolls

dolly wraps how to 1You simply cut out the outfits (already sized for standard peg dolls) and paint the head of the peg doll a skin tone.

Using a sponge applicator, place a thin layer of Mod Podge to the wooden doll and wrap the paper outfit around the base.

dolly wraps how to 2Using more Mod Podge, seal down the tail piece.

dolly wraps how to 3Now place some Mod Podge along the top edge of the paper and smooth the paper down so that it lies snuggly up against your peg doll body using your finger (almost done! See I told you they were quick!) Now do the same with the bottom. While it’s drying, pick your hair color. Paint your hair on, and using my mini templates and a red and black Sharpie, draw on the faces. Coat the entire doll with Mod Podge . . . and let them dry. You’re done! Hooray!

Farm Family Peg Doll Dolly Wraps copyIf you want to make your own pattern, you can. If you want to buy the ones available from Sarah’s Etsy shop, go here.


  1. Anonymous says

  2. Rebecca Gaston says

    I would love, love, LOVE to make this for my 4-year-old daughter, Susan. She has mentioned several times lately that she would like a dollhouse, but I am much more in to the idea of making one (with her assistance, of course), than buying one.

    Thanks to your site, I am recently addicted to all things Mod Podge. Seriously, I might have a problem. :)

  3. Left Ovaries says

  4. Hanneke Nelson says

    Oooooh, my Lola (3) would love this! And with my craft room being done and all, I have no excuses not to make this for her.

    Have a good weekend, Amy!

  5. Arathi says

    Wow! I would love to make these and gift them to my niece! Thanks for the giveaway. Hope I win!
    -Arathi ([email protected])

  6. Living Creatively says

    My kids would love this! Particularly my 5- and 3-year olds, and I would also use it in the living room for holiday decor. 😀

  7. Marissa says

    This is so cute! My daughter (15 months old) wouldn’t be able to play with it. But, I just started full-time babysitting a little girl (4) and I’m beginning to see the serious lack of “girl” toys in our house full of boys. Wouldn’t this also be cute with little halloween characters: a witch, Frankenstein, a ghost, monster, etc.?!

  8. judean says

    dude. do I hafta give it to someone else?? Cuz I’d totally love to play with that awesome haunted house!! Ok, ok, I’ll share w/my 3 yo daughter too :)

  9. Susan B. says

    I would have my Cadette/Senior Girl Scout troop make this as a community service project & give to a domestic violence shelter

  10. Carmen says

    Would probably make this for my out-of state niece & nephew. Lightweight and easy to mail – bonus! Will do an Adams Family version of the peg doll family tho, that would be great fun.

  11. Toodie says

    Oh that is so darn clever! I would give it to myself and put on a table by the window. When my granbaby is big enough then I’ll give it to her.

  12. aj says

    I would make one of these for my cousins’ kids back home. Actually, I’d make two, so one could stay at each gramma’s house for them to play with.

  13. Cyd says

    I would make this for my best friend’s little girl who is turning six this month. My little girls are not little any more and I love that I have my little friend to spoil!

  14. stefeni says

    This is soo adorable! I would make this dollhouse for my little cousins, I know they’d love it!

    spunkycrayon at yahoo dot com

  15. aja reeser says

    wow. double wow! this is by far the cutest thing i have seen all day! my eleven year old daughter and i would have a blast doing this together. she is super crafty, just like her mama!

  16. Marlene says

    I would make this dollhouse for my nieces & nephews who come to visit!

    onlyjustine at yahoo dot com

  17. Clemencia says

    Thanks for the opportunity to win one of this awesome doll houses, I would love to make one with and for my daughter,thanks :)

  18. Celeste B. says

    What a cute idea!!! I would love this for my little ones. Thank you so much for the chance!!!!

    Celeste B.
    mctdbillman at gmail dot com

  19. Dawn says

    I love this idea! My daughter would love to make this with me but I would definitely play with it after she goes to bed:)

  20. Danny & Jenn says

    I would make this for my cute neices!

    j (dot) f (dot) rytting (at) comcast (dot) net

  21. Anonymous says

  22. Mamarazzi says

    I would love to make this for the many Foster children that come through our home.

    I try to make Holidays special for them because I know they don’t always live in homes where they are loved and holidays are celebrated.

    Having a fun project to do like this with some of the older children would be wonderful. They could also take pride in knowing they created something that will be loved and used by other Foster kids in the future. I try to give them ways to pay it forward, this would be a fun and lovely way to do that!

    Thank you for hosting the giveaway and for your consideration!


  23. geminisnake26 says

  24. rickimoo says

    This is pretty cool. I think I could do this with my 5 year old grand daughter. We are all the time doing crafts. Grandma’s rubbing off on her. She would just love this.
    What a great christmas gift this would make.
    Thanks for the chance to win. Pick Me! lol

  25. jsahawkwiz says

    I wish I could say that I would make this for my daughter, but I’d be fibbing…this would SO be for ME! What an awesome idea!

  26. Creative Char says

    So cute! I would make this for/with my daughter (who will be 8 on Tuesday). Happy weekend to you & thanks for a chance to win. :)

    craftychick99 at yahoo dot com

  27. Heather @ Gaggle of Giggly Girls says

    I would make this for my girl! I’d probably enlist her assistance. She would love this!!

  28. catnap says

    These are so sweet and look to be easy to make. First thing I thought was, I wish I had a daughter! Then I remembered making some simple little playscapes for my son when he was little – a castle, a haunted house. Had I known about Mod Podge then, I could have made them so much more durable. And I would have been inspired to make more! Waiting for grandchildren…

  29. Jessica says

  30. ThriftyNinja says

    I would make this for my 7 year old daughter and 4 year old son..he actually loves playing with doll houses. :)

    amberortega at gmail dot com

  31. VickiT says

    That is SO cute. I would make this for my 3 yr old Granddaughter. She would love to play with these. How fun to even have her help me make all the little dolls to go with that.

  32. Vicky says

    I would make this for my twins! They love to play with little people and this Haunted House is ADORABLE!!

  33. says

    I would never have thought to make a haunted doll house! Cute!! Cute!! I have 2 nieces who would love it. Thanks for the peg people pattern (say that fast 3 times!).

  34. G says

    How cute!! I am a wannabe crafter and this is something that I can do. I would make it for my precious God-Daughter!

  35. Gloria Westerman says

    This is so adorable….I would love to make one for my granddaughter….who is 3…I made her a house for her to play in from a big box…..and she has played in all summer long….thank you so much for sharing…..and a chance to win this…..
    gw0109 at gmail dot com

  36. Försäkringar Jämförelse says

    It’s so cute, just like Disney’s Higglytown Heroes.
    Children will definitely love it!
    I hope Grandma Gloria will win.
    Everything becomes extra special when it came from our grandma…

  37. Aimee says

  38. Alison @ Stretch My Check says

    I would make it for my 2 year old son! He likes to park his cars in dollhouses 😉

  39. Jane Jeffress Thomas says

    Since it didn’t say I could keep this darling dollhouse, I would give it to my great-granddaughter. She would be delighted!!!

    jane1 at cp-tel dot net

  40. Karyn says

    What a lovely creative way to play :) I would love to make this for my 2 year old neice she would just love it :)

  41. sarah says

    I would get one for my girls, and I would love that they would sit and play together for a while using them :)

  42. Rebecca says

    This is wonderful. Now I just have to think of what to do with the 30 toilet paper tubes I’ve saved…

    rebecca (dot) essenpreis (at)

  43. christie captain says

  44. April @ PolkaDots n' PinkySwears says

  45. Jill Basel says

  46. Tabitha says

    I would make a doll house for my friends at-home daycare. She has some little girls who LOVE to play with dolls!

  47. Carmen says

    Awwwww!! I love dollhouses! I have a granddaughter on the way, and this is a great idea for when she gets a bit bigger! Thank you for the inspiration, and the peg doll tutorial!!