Crafty BOO necklace for Halloween

If you want to make a little statement jewelry for Halloween, this "Boo" necklace is a fun idea - customize it with any spooky saying you like!I’ve always wanted a spooky necklace. I’m not even that much of a jewelry person, but I like Halloween so much that I think it deserves something a little special. I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing when I started the project (like so many projects I begin), but I knew I wanted to use the Melody Ross Chip Art goodies from GCD Studios. With my huge Halloween stash, the “bling” wasn’t a problem, and everything came together to make this fun necklace. I like it because it’s fun without looking too childish. Here’s how I did it.

Gather These Supplies

  • Melody Ross Chip Art Pendant Kit (comes with the necklace and chipboard charm)
  • Melody Ross Chip Art Tool Kit – I used the Chickadee Uppercase alphabet and the Mini Shapes Ornamental Stamps (just the star)
  • Mod Podge Gloss
  • FolkArt Acrylic Paint – Pure Black, Plum Vineyard
  • Spray Paint – black
  • Prima flowers – 3 of your choice
  • Halloween embellishments – I used Jolee’s Boutique and Making Memories stickers and brads
  • Craft glue
  • Paint brush

IMG_3003Here’s the Chip Art pendant before and after. As you can see, I’ve hoarded a few of these. I spray painted the finished one, because the thought of painting the necklace by hand made me want to dunk my head in a vat of Mod Podge. If you are more patient than I, go for it.

IMG_3004Here are the Chip Art goodies – otherwise known as the “bangy tools.” For a great video on how to use these tools, go here. The point of the kit is to emboss chipboard with the sayings and shapes of your choice, and it works GREAT.

IMG_3005The embossing method starts with spraying the chipboard with water, getting it just a little wet but not soaked. Grab the mallet, shapes and letters and (doing each letter/shape separately) tap each with the mallet to emboss your chipboard.

IMG_3006It takes a little practice, but you end up with something like this. You can get complicated with it, but I wanted this to be simple.

IMG_3007The second part of the chipboard embellishing process involves layering color and is only slightly less fun that hitting something with a mallet. Paint the chipboard with a base color – I used Plum Vineyard. Allow to dry.

IMG_3009Dab the second color onto the top (I used Pure Black), especially directly where the chipboard is embossed. Take a damp paper towel (just a little damp) and smear the second color over the top of the piece. The black paint will go into the crevasses and you will be left with an effect like you see in the finished photo. Allow to dry.

IMG_3010This is a fun Prima flower tip! There are always some color flowers in the package that aren’t your favorite. Paint them. I painted a few that I didn’t like so much – one with Pure Black and the other with Plum Vineyard. I did have a black glittery one that I liked and kept as-is.

IMG_3012Coat the entire chipboard piece with Mod Podge to seal and for some shiny fun. I owe you an apology for my photos, by the way. Trying to take a pic left handed sometimes . . . doesn’t work. I think I had just had some coffee.

IMG_3013Glue the flowers together and glue an embellishment (like a rhinestone) on top. Allow to dry.

IMG_3015Glue the flower to the necklace and add embellishments as you choose. Wear proudly because you love Halloween!

If you want to make a little statement jewelry for Halloween, this "Boo" necklace is a fun idea - customize it with any spooky saying you like!


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  1. RootsAndWingsCo says

    This is so cute! I had not thought about embossing (or whatever you call it) into chipboard! You totally inspired me to craft tonight! Thanks!

  2. The Autocrat: Haley says

    OH WOW! I didn’t know you could stamp like that on cardboard. Totally going to have to give this a try.

  3. catnap says

    Love the term, “bangy tools.” That’s a keeper. I enjoy reading your blog everyday because you always seem to be having fun with all these craft projects, or looking at other people’s project. It’s inspiration to have fun in life. Thanks for the tutorial, too.

  4. Gloria Westerman says

    Super Cute… it…would be great for office people…..maybe I will make some for my DD work….they would love it too….thank you so much….and I love the spray paint the chain….that was a excellent idea….and I know I will use it… right now….got a chain that I need to paint…now I know how……

  5. she wears flowers says

    Love it! I never dress up in a costume–this would be the best way to “dress up” and be festive without getting all crazy!

  6. malia says

    Modge Podge Amy! Thanks for the visit. I love your projects and I think your profile pix is my fav of all time! I’m your newest follower and can’t wait to take in all the podgy goodness!

  7. Laurie Turk says

    Holy Cow this is fabulous! However, you have to have your “Tip Me Tuesday” button inside the post to have it linked up.

    Upload it so I can feature you. This is amazing!

  8. creativejewishmom/sara says

    Great job Amy! thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling sunday, great to see you as always! xoxoxoSara

  9. g.suzie says

    Thanks for the step by step tutorial. . .very fun!
    It would go perfect with my
    Halloween attire, maybe I’ll have time to try and make one!

  10. AllieMakes! says

    That’s AWESOME! Love it!
    You should come link this up to my Making It With Allie Link Party! I think it would make a Fabulous addition!

  11. says

    Love the necklace, my daughter an I are having a Halloween crafty day tomorrow so this could be perfect for us to make.


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