White guitar, fabric pieces

White fabric decoupaged guitarI’m going to be honest, I wouldn’t typically see a guitar and think about using it as a decoration on a baby girl’s room wall. Yet I totally agree with the following sentiment on Design*Sponge, where I found this project: “getting stuff for free is so great because it releases inhibitions: it didn’t cost me anything, why not paint it/cut it/rebuild it/cover it with fabric and see how it looks?” I couldn’t agree more. Emily found this guitar in the trash, spray painted it and Mod Podged vintage fabric too it. And it couldn’t be cooler. Visit the entire entry to see the before right here.


  1. Haleel says

    Being that my husband is a musician I could use some home decor like this…even in the baby girl’s room. Glad you shared!

  2. Vaudeville of exhilaration says

    That’s really super cool.. I wish I could get one such guitar and then have decorated and assesorized and hang it in my room.. Niiice idea…

  3. janine says

    I can’t believe someone would throw out a guitar—no matter what it might have looked like. To me, that is almost the same thing as throwing out a bible….lol I LOVE what Emily did by giving this guitar a second life—so stinkin cool!!