Stitch By Stitch – Learning to Sew book review

I’m extra-specially excited to be doing a book review of Stitch By Stitch: Learning to Sew, One Project at a Time by Deborah Moebes. Why? Deborah is HERE in Atlanta, as is the amazing store Whipstitch that she owns! That’s a huge deal, because sometimes I feel like it’s hard to plug into the crafty community in this town – but Deborah is one of those little glue dots that pulls it all together. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her, and she’s truly amazing. Deborah has a lot of energy, and I wish I had as much. When I saw how much she packed into this book AND it all makes sense! For crazy crafters like we are, that is an accomplishment. Oh, and I’m totally qualified to do this book review, not just because I’ve met Deborah. I started my crafty journey at sewing camp when I was 10, and although I’ve taken a hiatus due to Mod Podging (and occasional knitting), I love sewing. If you’ve never sewn before, but want to learn, you can get this book and it will help. Read on – here are my five favorite things about Stitch by Stitch.

1. It’s not just a book, it’s a learning guide. The goal of this book is not to present you with projects (although those are included too), but for you to work through this book and use the techniques to learn how to sew and sew well. It feels like I’m going to learn something without being too teach-y. The flow is perfect, and you’ll feel the same once you get your hands on it.

2. Great explanation sections at the front of the book. They explain everything in detail and have great photos – supplies, fabric, your machine . . . it’s all included. Even I benefitted from the refresher. I totally forgot about the black stick with the slide-y read thing (seam guide). I want to sew again and try one of these. I never did the first time around. Also includes a thread explanation, which is so important – frequently the thread you choose can make or break a project.

3. Wonderful photos. Did I say wonderful? Deborah, you get big bonus points for your fabulous step outs. I don’t think I’ve ever seen photos this clear. Each section is thorough and the photography couldn’t be more detailed.

4. Projects interjected with lessons and alternate methods. This sort of goes along with #1, but I had to mention that they are lessons and skill building within each project. For instance, the pipe throw pillow project teaches you how to install a zipper – but there’s also information on shortening a zipper and using a too short zipper. Every project is like this, so you learn A LOT.

5. It comes with a bonus CD that includes PDF patterns, stitch guides, applique designs and a whole lot more. Love bonus CDs, and also having the patterns that I can print.

If you are either a brand new sewer or a beginner, this book is a must-have. It also would be perfect for the returning sewer who has possibly forgotten everything (such as me). There’s only so much room in this melon for crafts, I tell you. Either way, get Stitch By Stitch. You are going to love it.

Oh, before you go . . . Deborah did a special project with Mod Podge and fabric that she wanted you to see. She’s made Martha a card with the fabric below, a card that will go with a complimentary copy of Stitch By Stitch to Martha’s big HQ in New York. So this is important! See the completed card here with a tutorial.

Thanks to Deborah for letting me a host a stop on her blog tour, and onto the next one – woooo wooo!


  1. Lee says

    Thanks for hosting the tour. Yours is a new blog for me and i love it.
    The books looks lovely

  2. Kaci says

    I have visions of being an excellent seamstress…I just need to learn. I’ve been looking for a book like this. My daughter and I want to learn together. She’s 12 and I am hoping this will get us started! Thanks for reviewing it!

  3. Lei says

    This sounds like just the book for me! All the makings for a good seamstress (I’m just going to assum, er hope, it runs in the family) and I’m completely paralyzed when it comes to taking that first step.

  4. Shae says

    Where did you get that lovely fabric on the top of the pile in the last photo? The floral one with the yellow-orange flower tops…

  5. says

    Thanks everyone! Shae, I’m not sure – that image is from Deborah. Please visit Deborah at Send her an e-mail and ask her. She’s very kind and will surely respond to you! xo