Secret storage books

DIY Secret Storage BooksI was a big fan of Nancy Drew books when I was younger. I read all of the ones my mom had when she was a child – the same ones she sold at a garage sale when I was in high school. You could say I’m still not over it. I did realize in my adult years that sometimes you just want stuff to go away, and this feeling is probably magnified when you have five children like my mom did. But I still don’t think I would have given away the Nancy Drews, were I in the same position. Okay, it might be time to let this one go.

Now onto the secret storage books.

These books I found on Design*Sponge remind me of the stuff in Nancy Drew books, and I like a little mystery in my life. Books – no. Secret storage for cool stuff – yes. If you are feeling even more industrious after you Mod Podge these, you can build a bookshelf that swings open to a secret room (oh, you have to build that too) when you move one. I’ll leave that up to you. Visit here for the full tutorial.


  1. Gabby says

    Cute! I have one of those secret stash books where the beginning has actual pages, and in the middle, a portion is cut out where you can put things.

  2. Ann Cicilie says

    Oh, I just to LOVE Nancy Drew! I spent all my pocket money on the books, and begged my teacher to take in more of the books to the local school library (which she did, I went to a small school with only about 50 students, and I was probably the only one who love the library, hah!).

    Thanks so much for this tip, great idea, and it looks fabulous!

  3. Living Creatively says

    ohhhhhh…fun! I also loved Nancy Drew, and love the idea of secret storage. I picked up some “fake books” on sale at Hobby Lobby a few months ago. Can’t wait to make some more to go with them.

    Also, I have seriously considered the secret door/bookcase!! I think I could mount a lightweight bookcase onto my heavy, thick garage door (the garage has been converted to a playroom now.)Wouldn’t that be cool? If I ever build my own home, it will be complete with secret rooms and tunnels!! 😉

  4. Kim says

    My daughter has a bunch of OLD Nancy Drew books we bought at an Antique Mall with the name of Starla Woods in it…I’m SURE that’s not your mom but if by chance it would be…email me from my blog.

  5. pam says

    You too? Nancy Drew Mysteries?

    Loved them. And the Hardy Boys too!Every time i see one at a garage sale or thrift store it is all I can do not to buy it.

    Love the mystery secret hiding places. Checking out the tutorial right now. Thank you!