Mini book out of soap wrap

Mod Podge book out of a soap wrap

My friend Avital from Creativity Prompt is magical, because magical people are able to create fun things out of recycled items. If you can do this, then you are magical too. Avital used several formulas of the Podge and minimal supplies to crete the fun little books you see above, and she even recorded a VIDEO showing you how to do it. Avital is completely on the ball in addition to being an awesome crafter. Go here to see everything – isn’t she thorough? You are going to love this project, I promise.


  1. Rachel says

    Aha! This is an awesome idea and the tutorial was great! Love the idea of making larger books out of cereal boxes to maybe use instead of having to buy scrapbook albums all the time.

  2. Lauretta See says

    such a great idea :) i watch the entire video.. very captivating 😉 thank you for sharing! hugs x