Decorative baby helmet

Decoupaged Baby HelmetWhen a baby has plagiocephaly, it means that there is a flattening of or unusual head shape. It seems sad, but the good news is that a helmet can reverse the effects. And the good news about a helmet is that it can be decoupaged. As Tami from Straight Toque With Tami realized, if you’re going to have to wear a helmet, why not Mod Podge it? Tami visited her niece’s daughter (baby helmet wearer Cora) and couldn’t leave the pink helmet naked – she had to add some floral decor. Thanks Tami, for showing us that you can truly Mod Podge anything. Visit Tami’s blog here for before helmet pics including the precious baby Cora. I love her, and I love her helmet!


  1. Jenglamgirl says

    I loved seeing this post…. especially since my sister (best friend) little boy/nephew is in a “Cranial Tech Helmet” to help shapen the back of his head that is flat. His skull and head is already looking amazing. My sis gets alot of NOSEY rude people staring and asking questions about the helmet. People are un-educated about it and ask in so many rude ways. I have witnessed it first hand. Anyhoo, me, his auntie decorated his sweet helmet with yellow and black vinyl decals it was fun. Thanks for sharing this. Jen

  2. The Mama Monster says

    Love it!!! We used it on our son’s helmet as well… He was about 12 months old when he had his… He is now 2 years old and everything turned out great!

    ~The Mama Monster

  3. The Mustard Seed says

    I love this idea. My son had plagiocephaly and he had to wear that helmet FOREVER!! I wish I would have known about this then. Cute idea I can pass on to other parents. Thanks for sharing!