An artsy crafty trash can

An artsy craftsy trash canThis week I gave away a Melody Ross Chip Art Set by GCD Studios – then she did an awesome Mod Podge project, so the time came quickly for me to mention her again It’s hard not to post about Melody all the time. She’s such a lovely and amazing person. Truly.

Melody can find beauty in the mediocre, and I love it when people can do that. And then when those same people can do something about it. That would be the case in this trash can, which Melody made from leftover papers, fabric and a bucket. It’s quite simple really, and if you are a first time Mod Podger, then this is the project for you. Can you really mess up a trash can? Isn’t a trashy trash can sort of the point? Visit here for the complete tutorial. Melody will crack you up with the way she talks about her trash can like a real person. I love it.


  1. Haupi says

    OMG! I love everything here – and the contest are all amazing. I’m your newest follower as of today and I while I missed out on a big one that ended on the 22nd – I hope I’m here for all the rest. I’ve just grabbed your button to make sure I get back here daily. Thank you!

  2. Jerri says

    Thanks for commenting on my bath coordinates. Hope you’ll come back later to see the full Mod Podge makeover! 😉

  3. Gloria Westerman says

    How cute is that…..that’s definitely putting the thinking cap on…..thanks for sharing….