Altered Art Circus book review

Do you remember the book review I did a few weeks ago? That was just the first of many. I mentioned how valuable my book collection is (especially my craft books), and my intention is to expand yours. This week is a technique book all about altered art. You are going to love it.

Altered Art Circus is a whimsical crafty guide by Lisa Kettell, who I had the pleasure of meeting this past January at CHA. Isn’t it wonderful to know that the person who wrote the book is just as fantastic as the book itself? I said the book is whimsical, and that is Lisa’s personality as well. She’s fun, bright and glittery . . . just like what is inside the text. Lisa is an experienced mixed media artist and writer; in educational terms, I would say she has a PhD in creativity and vintage cuteness. Altered Art Circus is a book of exploration, and if you are in need of a creative kick-in-the-pants, then this book is for you. The book is also perfect for the altered artist who just wants to try something a little different. I think lists are fun, and it worked last time, so here are my top five favorite things about this book:

-The technique section at the beginning of this book. My style tends to be bold color with not so many accents, but I’m trying to learn some tips and tricks for small touches as improvements. Lisa also lists helpful hints and techniques for each project.

-The interesting materials she uses. Lisa not only loves Mod Podge (a big plus) but she also loves Model Magic, crackle medium and even broken stuff. I’m really wanting to try Model Magic now.

-The Fairytale Pageant Crown and the Secret Lantern project. You know, it was really hard to choose my favorites though. The whole book is absolutely stunning; each project is so beautiful and interesting in its own way.

-The Magical Gallery in Chapter Six with other altered artist images and websites. I love that Lisa not only features her own projects but the work of others, so you can truly consider this an altered art resource.

-The vintage images that you get FOR FREE (personal use) at the back of the book. So many great images that are used in several of the projects, for you to enlarge to your heart’s desire.

I can, without question, recommend Lisa’s book to you. I’m feeling completely inspired after reading the book for this review, and it’s probably my 100th time pouring over the pages and projects. I want to be more fairie-like, I truly do. Altered art is just . . . so cool.

For the giveaway this week, I’m giving away Altered Art Circus AND a few sheets of paper and ephemera that Lisa sent me from her scrapbook line to get you started. This is in addition to the starter pack. Read the rules below, and don’t forget to visit Lisa’s blog and Etsy shop to get ideas and shop for some fun fairie stuff!

Rule reminder:
1. Comment on THIS blog entry. Say anything you would like!
2. Only one entry per person.
3. Contest will close this Wednesday, September 8th at midnight (EST).
4. PLEASE leave your e-mail address if it’s not attached in Blogger – I need some way to reach you.
5. US residents only on this one.

PS – I don’t get paid for book reviews; my only compensation is a copy of the title to give to you. If I write that something is good and that I like it, you can trust me. I really mean it.


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    Too much fun! The kid in me wants to play with this stuff, the crafter in me wants to make it for the kid in me, and the hoarder in me is saying, “Hey, I’ve still got all that silly ephemera and toys and stuff from my childhood.” So, we’re all happy. And don’t ask how long ago my childhood was because it’s way too embarrassing. It was obviously destiny for me to save that stuff till I read this post about this book. This book rocks.
    cat.naps at yahoo period com

  5. Pat says

    I love Mod Podge and would love to be able to try all the new ones. Love you blog and the links to others.Must keep it going.

  6. jengd says

    What a fun, funky book! I’m having a look at it right now on Amazon! Thanks for the intro and the chance to win!!

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    When I see that there is a new post on “Mod Podge Rocks” I always say to myself “yes, mod podge DOES rock!” :)

  9. Courtney @ A Diamond in the Stuff says

    Enter me please!! I am typing this with dryed Mod Podge under my nails! : )

  10. Michelle says

    LOVE altered art! I had fun browsing through Lisa’s blog and Etsy shop! Magical is one word that came to mind :-)

  11. Florence Turnour says

    How about decorating a button with decoupage and covering it with resin for safe keeping?

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, Amy.


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    Very cool!

    I’m not sure where I’ve been, but I was at a local craft store that I hadn’t been to in quite some time and discovered GLOW IN THE DARK Mod Podge……Awesome!! My daughter just gasped when she saw it!


  14. Joy says

    Where have I been all my life that I’m just getting into Mod Podge now? Think of all the projects I’ve missed out on! Thanks for all the inspiration.

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    This book looks like it will be so much fun me and my daughter, Emily. I sure would love to win!

    Nancy5678 at aol dot com

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    I’d love to win this book, and of course, I absolutely LOVE Mod Podge! Thanks for the chance.

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  21. faerie enchantment says

    This was such a great post on the book! I’m always re-creating new projects based on the originals from it! Thanks so much! Can’t wait to see who wins!
    Magic and Much Joy,

    P.S. Mod Podge Rocks!

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    Looks like a great book, GREAT FUN! Mod Podge is wonderful, I especially like the outdoor version. Could not live without it for my projects.

  25. QueenBee says

    What a cool book! I have a box of odd circus items to use. I have to get this book. All I lack is inspiration.

  26. Tracy says

    I’m bookmarking the pic of the little girl with the tutu. Love it! I just bought my first Mod Podge today and I’m ready to try it out!

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    This book makes me so happy. :) I’m sure this is an awesome book, and I’ll have to put this on my wishlist for when Santa comes around. 😉

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    What a fun book! How cool is that cover?? Seriously enticing!! :) Thanks for the opportunity!!

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    Wow what a great give-a-way…looks like the possiblilities are endless ..imagination explosion…crossing my fingers hope i am lucky on this one :)

  32. Rana Wilson says

    This book looks like so much fun! I’ve been interested in altered art for a while but I’ve always been a bit intimidated by it. This makes it look accessible!

  33. Brandi says

    I am just discovering the world of Mod Podge! *GASP* I KNOW!!!! Where have I been? I would SO love to win this giveaway! It could totally help me in Mod Podging my entire house! lol


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    Darn it! I don’t know if my other comment worked or not; gmail kept cutting me out. Please count me in. Thanks to you and Lisa for offering this book. This giveaway is just super!


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    Know what I love about you? “My style tends to be bold color with not so many accents” (ME TOO!) But you appreciate so many other things.

    I LOVE to look at this style of thing. Ephemera has such a charm to it. I just can’t stop staring at it. And even though it’s not my style necessarily, I really appreciate it. That’s what makes you so talented. Being able to appreciate all kinds of “art”.

    Love this! Have a great holiday!

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    I have always enjoyed looking at altered art, but have never tried making it myself. Another fabulous giveaway!


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    Please enter me :) It is really sweet ! I love your blog and am adding you to my favorites. I couldn’t live without my Mod Podge ! :)

  39. laurie -magpie ethel says

    just did a modge podge project out in my studio today, so only fitting I enter the giveaway on this blog. Have picked up this book in the bookstore and paged thru it…just haven’t bought it. Would love to add it to my collection.

  40. Linda says

    What a great giveaway…a wonderful book AND Mod Podge! I love Lisa’s style…it would be so much fun to win her book!

  41. Livia says

    Love all the things on your blog especially this book rewiev because I can’t buy this book in my country so it is nice to read a good review before ordering it online.

  42. My Journey to Hope says

    This is great, because I love Lisa’s work (have been a follower for at least a year) and I use Modge Podge for everything! I would LOVE to win a copy of her book. Thank you for the chance!

    :) Michelle

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    please enter me in the contest! I am always looking for new inspiration to use i8n lessons with my students!



  45. Msartist says

    I would love to have a copy of Lisa’s book! & I love Mod Podge! It would fit right in with a Circus Series of Art work I have been doing. Fingers xx~ Thanks for the chance. ~Theresa

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    Oh! How I wish I win this giveaway! :)

    ([email protected])

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    The book looks very interesting and a good one to add to the bookshelf. Also, would enjoy the starter kit.

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    Oooh. That book looks like pure magic, would LOVE to get my hands on a copy! Thanks so much for the chance to win. ^..^

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    Ooh! Oh my gosh I’m drooling! The possibilities! Awesome giveaway!!!


  53. Wanda AKA "Craftymule" says

    I’m partial to this book and it’s author, too, and not just because a couple of my designs are featured in it. It really is a fun book – lots of eye candy to look at!