Wood bangles with a resist

Dyed wood bangle braceletsI went through a dyeing phase in my early 20s where no sheet or old shirt was safe from my wrath. I bought all of the Rit Dye shades that Fred Meyer stocked, and my roommate/friend Cody and I would go to the thrift store and pick things to turn new colors. I still love Rit Dye, and I’m a faithful follower of Edie’s Fashion Factory (Jr. Rit Ambassador). The good news is that Edie loves Mod Podge, and sometimes she posts projects using the world’s best decoupage medium. These bracelets are a perfect example.

I have a lot of girlfriends that love bracelets, and after reading her entry I think it would be very easy to make a bunch for gifts, you know, just because. It’s a really fun project so I will let you read the tutorial right here. You also have to see the graphic at the bottom of her blog – I just love it.


  1. Christine says

    I just went over to her blog and told her I want to drop everything and do these right now-they are amazing!!!

  2. JAZEVOX says

    i like the purple one, my favorite among the four. those bangles will definitely make a statement because they are huge. blog hopping, jazevox

  3. Edie's Fashion Factory says

    Oh, thanks for the love! These bangle were a total blast to make. Heart that water-based resist. It makes it soooo easy. Let me know if you make some. Would love to see pics!

    And I want to see some of Amy’s fun dye creations too. I’m picturing some amazing vintagey overdyes and refashion cuties.

  4. Melanie says

    I’m thinking of heading down to Chattanooga for the day (I only live in Nashville). It looks like it’s going to be cool. Is it the first one or has it been done before?

  5. Jennifer Juniper says

    I’m trying to resist going over there until tomorrow so I can enjoy my kids’ last day of summer break! Oh, I want to make this!

  6. Holly says

    These are gorgeous! I am so excited to see how these are done and try some for myself. Thanks for sharing.