Paint chip mosaic art

Make paint chip mosaic art with Mod PodgeI’ve got a stack of paint chips that I want to do something with but haven’t. In my humble opinion, it’s the best way to get a lot of colors on a project without having to paint! I really hope someone in charge of paint chips at Home Depot or Lowe’s isn’t reading this right now.

Jennifer from Hope Studios has put together a fine tutorial on how to make mosaic art using paint chips, and the results are above – outstanding! I love it. LOVE it. Time to start using those paint chips that I have in my stash. To learn how to do it, visit her blog right here.


  1. Melissa P says

    What an original idea for those paint chips! I see another mosaic project in my future.

  2. Brendy Vaughn says

    I love this! I just stumbled across your site and I can’t stop looking at all your work – so fun!

  3. Denise says

    I made this Paintchip Mosaic and I love it. I followed steps provided by Hope Studios and it was so easy.