Kimono doll with Yuzen paper

Mod Podge kimono dollDo you remember Mikaela Danvers and her really cool upcycled drawer organizer? She’s back, and this time with some Japanese inspired projects coupled with the Podge. This little kimono doll is precious, and might be a great giftie for a child. How about party decorations or favors? The paper she uses is Chiyogami (Yuzen) for an authentic effect. See more of Mikaela’s crafty endeavors here.


  1. Meagooo :) says

    I really love this idea! We’re doing a Japanese Show this year,I may give this out as a gift to all my Techies for working so hard! :)

  2. says

    I just happen to have some chiyogami paper in beautiful shades of pink! I might have to make a few of those adorable little dolls. Thanks for the link, Amy!