EAT sign for your kitchen, or your bedroom if you prefer

Mod Podge kitchen lettersI’m a bed snack eater, I have to confess. I try not to get crumblies everywhere but sometimes I can’t help it. Thank goodness for pug dogs, who will hoover anything up off of my sheets. This “EAT” sign from Jen at Frame Fanatic could possibly go in my kitchen, but it could also go in my bedroom. I hope this is true for you too, because then it will make me feel better. One last thing: don’t you love the colors Jen’s used for her letters? And the papers? I do. Visit the tutorial here.


  1. janimal says

    I keep seeing EAT letters on the wall of Courtney Cox’s character on “Cougartown” and keep thinking how awesomet they are. (Yep, designing tips from sitcoms!) Thesre look terrific. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Britney Jean says

    oh my goodness. i love this! there are too many cute crafts out there, and not enough space in my house for them! or the time to complete them…gah!

  3. CuddlyBunny says

    Bopped over to see the tutorial! Thank you for pointing me to such a cool project!

  4. Christine says

    You are too funny!!! I’m a bedtime eater too. For some reason, my dog doesn’t eat the crumbs but I try to only eat bite size things or something that won’t leave crumbs. Ice cream doesn’t leave crumbs!!!

  5. Jen says

    Thank you so much for featuring my EAT sign! I feel so special! :0) I am definitely going to grab your button and post it under my “featured” tab. Also, wanted to let you know I’m your newest follower!