Doily project inspiration and sharing time

Mod Podge doily canvasesI love sharing projects that are inspired by this blog/me/something one of you did. It makes me happy when anyone sees a Mod Podge project and gets motivated to decoupage! This trio of doily canvases by Becca of Bare Feet on the Dashboard is a perfect example. You can see Becca’s project here and her inspiration by Jen of Tatertots and Jello right here. So I’m wondering today, what has inspired you? Either a post from this blog or another one? It’s sharing time, my friends. Let me know in the comments.


  1. ...on the brink of something beautiful says

    i looooove this project and your blog. im sad that i only just now found it!

  2. Christine says

    Brave Girls Camp inspired me to Mod Podge. I’ve gone through almost an entire bottle since I got back!!! Yay! It’s been so much fun!!! I really enjoyed being your back neighbor in the Art Room!

    Christine N

  3. Taylor says

    wow those look amazing.. you can play with the colors and patterns to suit any decor! i wanna try!


  4. Stephanie says

    I’m inspired by this blog and several others. One of my faves is Dirty Scraps, Crystal Hobbs, but it doesn’t pertain to MP.

    I’mlearning jewelry making, slowly. I did make the washer necklace you posted by Kathy and Steve. Everyone loves it and trips out when I show them it’s made from a washer. (yes, I said Trips Out-wow!) HAHA

  5. Anonymous says

    what has inspired me?! where to start!???! I was looking up “art and craft ideas” on google and SOMEHOW stumbled on your blog… mod podge…what the? dee…couuu..paarrgee?? what in the world???? WWWOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!
    soooooo excited. Had never heard of either till last week. I sold my only designer handbag ive ever owned, to buy various mod podges, nice papers, and random things to start podging. Im starting with Fathers day coasters (inspired by the one the lady did on here with her kids holding “grandpa” letters) but not doing mine with pics..then im gonna try a chair, also inspired by this blog, then my jewellery box…i dont even think the dogs are safe!!! thanks amy and everyone here who contributes!

  6. Tiffany says

    LOVE this!

    I’m inspired by people/stuff all the time. I have to be crafty weather it be beads, paper, or fabric. I’m not so good on the sculpting or drawing things. LOL

    I’d love to be hooked up with your friend from Plaid. Beads were my first creative outlet. :) I’ve even got a blog with all my craftiness on it!

  7. Tiffany says

    Hi Amy! I LOVE those doilies!

    I get my inspiration from all over the place. If I wasn’t creative I’d go nuts! It all started with beads, then it expanded to paper crafting, and now I’ve expanded to fabrics. :) It keeps me out of trouble.

    I’d love to be hooked up with your friend at Plaid! I have a blog with all my craftiness on it if she wants to check it out. :)

  8. billiejo says

    I love the doily canvas. This may very well be my inspiration today. I’m easily inspired. All I have to do is look at the housework I need to do and I run into my craft room and ideas just leap into my head. Enough to keep me out of the kitchen for at least a week or two. LOL!

  9. Anonymous says

    Amy- or anyone out there reading this…I need your help. I am about to create a ‘game table’ for our basement, using all the theater and sports ticket stubs/ programs from my kids all growing up. I am wondering if modge podge would work to adhere them/(all are paper) and seal the table?? I never used it before and just stumbled on this blog. Where to begin??? Do I glue them down individually and then cover with MP? Please advise. Thank you! :)