Debbie’s sparkly pendants with Dimensional Magic

Mod Podge Dimensional Magic pendantMy friend Debbie is amazing with Mod Podge and she just so happens to love Mod Podge Dimensional Magic as well. She makes tile pendants with images and adds a little Extreme Glitter flair; then she adds the Dimensional Magic right over the top. With so many of you wanting to know about Dimensional Magic, I had to share her tutorial. Visit her right here, and then poke around for more Mod Podge-y type magic.


  1. --strings and things-- says

    I NEED to find this stuff.. I have yet to see it in any of my regular haunts..

    Oh, I got the pack of mod podge in the mail today!! Thank you! and I promise I’ll be attacking, er.. creating! something with it soon 😉


  2. Debbie Saenz says

    Hi My friend,
    Thanks for featuring me here Amy. I’m loving working with Demensional Magic, so many possibilities!

    Talk to ya soon

  3. Dymnd Designs says

    Hello, first I want to say i love your products. I wanted to ask a question about dimensional magic.
    Sometimes my finish turns cloudy.
    What could cause this. Thank you :)