Children’s art beads

Mod Podge beads for kidsI think that children’s artwork is one of the sweetest things in the world. About five years ago I volunteered for Junior Achievement, and my class was first grade. When I left the kids colored me a book that brought tears to my eyes, and I still have it in my desk drawer. I open it sometimes to make me happy if I’m having a blue day.

But I digress – this blog is about Mod Podge!

Steph from The Silly Pearl¬†came up with these beads as a way to capture some of the precious artwork her children have done over the years. No one wants to get rid of it, right? Use Mod Podge to turn it into jewelry is what I always say! Visit here for Steph’s tutorial and check out her cute-as-a-button girls in the header.


  1. Kristen @ says

    that is such a good idea!! I mean, it will be a little different but you can still value it! Just found this blog and I LOVE mod podge so I am looking forward to reading more and looking around!