Tin can pincushion

Make a tin can pincushionI *really* love this pincushion by Susan at Living with Punks. I also have to mention that I love her blog name. I grew up with four punk brothers, so I can totally relate! Susan used an old almond can and some scrap fabrics to pull this together. Since I have enough scrap fabric to make about 1,000 of these, I’m thinking this might be a great project for me. I think it would be for you too. Find the complete tutorial here.


  1. Barbara says

    Eh ! That is awesome – thanks for the tut referral as I am beginning to work on my Christmas list for all my quilting friends – Love the pin cushion !

  2. thriftytickle says

    I happen to be perusing two very good books right now, “The Fine Art of the Tin Can” by Bobby Hansson and “Pretty Little Pincushions” published by Lark Books. This is so timely it’s almost creepy! And it’s super cute!

  3. Rossyl says

    ohhh me first me first- i was going to do this with some old small flower pots- i love this idea. love the flower accent so very cute :)


  4. Stephanie says

    this is great. I think even I can do it. headed over for the tutorial now. TFS!

  5. Anonymous says

    Do you know how long Mod Podge lasts before it expires? I have a bottle that is very thick and doesn’t smell that great but i may as well keep it for my art projects if it still works.

  6. Tawney Peterson says

    This is such a cute idea i even made one myself…using a can that had chicken in it…then i couldnt figure out why my chihuahua had such a fasationation with it…lol

  7. Susan says

    Thanks for the feature Amy!!!! I am totally flattered by your post. Can’t wait to think of more things to use with mod podge :)