Some awesome school fundraising projects.

You have got to see this labor of love designed by Laura of Olive and Love. Laura was recently in charge of developing a project that 30 children could participate in for a fundraiser, and she came up with this awesome vase. What I really loved about this project is that she documented the creation process, and I really enjoyed reading along, especially the pics of the kids participating. So cute! Visit here to read the first part and here to read the second part.

Here’s another school project for your viewing pleasure, done by my co-worker Maria. She actually used acrylic paint, fabric and Brushstroke Mod Podge for a little texture. Isn’t it wonderful?

Consider either of these projects for your school OR even on a smaller scale for some cool home decor. Ask your kids to participate – they’ll have a great time.


  1. says

    Just saw one of these “fund raiser” classroom projects – Antonio’s class made one and his parents actually one the bid! I was amazed by how really beautiful the project turned out with so many little hands involved. They have it over their fireplace and Antonio is quite proud of it.

    And this one you shared is another great example! What a brilliant idea on so many levels. I hope more classrooms get to participate in a project like this.

  2. janine says

    Love the vase—stinkin cute!! Amy I left you a comment on Facebook for the Mod Podge that came in the mail today! Thank you so much! Totally awesome of you to do that.