Happy Father’s Day!

Meet Mod Podge Keith – my dad. When I was born, my parents had just moved from a communal farm they owned with a few other couples (picture A = hippie dad). Just so you know, it wasn’t THAT kind of a communal farm (tee hee). Shortly after that, my dad got a job with UPS, where he worked for over 30 years (picture B = corporate dad). He supported five children – I’m the oldest with four younger brothers – for many years, and that couldn’t have been easy all the time. Thanks, dad.

True dad story: I have fond memories of our house on NE 166th Lane in Woodinville, WA. I also remember riding bikes with my brothers and neighborhood kids on 154th Ave NE nearby – it was a great place to ride because it was so L-O-N-G and straight. For the many of us who were learning to ride two-wheelers, it was a nice runway on which to practice. Apparently it was also a nice runway for a teenager with a VW Bug to terrorize us. I remember riding around, kinda wobbly on my two wheels, when I’d hear the sound and my heart would start racing. The unmuffled growl of that horrible car. Without warning this kid would come speeding down 154th Ave, causing all of us to ride into the ditches on the side of the road so we wouldn’t get hit.

MAJORLY dangerous, right?

So my dad catches wind of the situation and decides to do something about it. VW Bug comes back one day for a terror run, except this time my dad is out there. VW charged down the street, and dad stepped out in front of it. The car came to a screeching halt! A teenager got out of his car with a cigarette between his lips and walked toward my dad. This is the cool part. Dad grabbed the cigarette out of his mouth and put it out IN HIS HAND. He said some things I can’t repeat on this blog (so I’m told) and the teenager never came back again. Later the car ended up in a watery grave in a nearby pond. Did my dad have something to do with that? I’ll never know.

Love you, dad.


  1. JJ says

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  3. EileenMV says

    Love that story about your dad! Too cool!!! My favorite color is and will always be blue!!! I love the light blue & brown combo on cards & scrapbooking!

  4. The Atondo's says

    I think my fav color is green. I painted 2 of my bathrooms green in the last month and am being drawn to that color in every way. Weird.

  5. Bree says

    OMG, your dad is like Clint Eastwood cool. I’d be terrified of him if I were that teenager!

    Fav color of the moment is yellow. :)

    bmcelroy@ tampabay.rr.com

  6. Charmaine says

    Since I’m in the midst of designing our soon-to-be gender neutral nursery, my favorite colors right now are yellow and aqua. :)

  7. Jan @ bobbypins boardwalk says

    Thanks for another chance to win. I love your giveaways. My favorite color for the “moment” has to be some shade of BLUE. And I’m glad you said for the moment because I’ve never had a “favorite” color — just a color that I like more than other for a period of time. I was wondering if I was the only person without a favorite — haha.

  8. Jeannette says

  9. Kory says

    Right now I am really into aquatic shades of bluish green. It just feels so alive and I love how it looks like a different color completely in different angles and different light. It’s like it has its own moods.

  10. Corie @ Red Letter Rising says

    My favorite color is that neutral gray that’s so hot right now. I’ve always loved grays and silvers!

  11. aj says

    My all time favorite color is purple. Really doesn’t matter what shade either. I don’t think there’s a purple I’ve met that I haven’t liked…

  12. Jennifer Duncan says

  13. Jan says

  14. Tiffany Harkleroad says

    My favorite color at the moment is blue, it helps me stay calm. A lot of my projects recently have had blue in them!

    tiffanyniekro at gmail dot com

  15. gina says

    My favorite color of the moment, of all moments would have to be pink. I’m a pink girl! Running a close second is yellow!


  16. Holly @ Roller Coaster Life says

    I love the memory of your dad. I dont have good memories of my dad. Actually quite the opposite, horrible memories I am still in therapy for so thank you for sharing your good one its nice to hear!

    Pink. Crazy in love with pink!

  17. Sara says

    My Favorite color is Purple… any shade. It always has been my favorite and it still is! I’d love the multi pack of Podge, can you buy these? I’ve never seen some of the varieties of Mod Podge at any of my local stores. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough.


  18. emstanchik1986 says

    Would have to go with sea blue. it’s taking over my house at the moment!

  19. sandalloons44 says

    oh wow, what a great story and a neat blog you have. I too had a VW bug and wouldn’t of ever did what that kid did. Yikes.
    Ok, well since I never knew, who knew there are more then one color of modge podge, I always liked the clear or white. Wow, because of you now I need to see about the other colors. HUrray!!!!

  20. Brittany Gulley says

    I just saw this blog from another friends blog and loved it! I so badly want to be crafty, and I think I just might have enough creative ability to mod podge!! I have been inspired, and I’m so excited!! And….fav color….light blue.
    Thanks! Brittany Gulley
    [email protected]

  21. Stacey says

    My favorite color is brown. It has to be a good chocolate brown, nothing to orangey. I have synesthesia, so I’m super picky about my colors.

  22. Patty says

    That’s such a great story, Amy! I love your dad now. My favorite color right now is red.

  23. Leslie Hanna says

    What a great story! Your Dad ROCKS! My favorite color is green, but I just bought 3 navy blue polo shirts. Go figure.

  24. Marissa says

    Love that story about your dad! It sounds like a scene out of a movie! My fav color right now is fuschia/dark pink. Totally loving it on everything!

  25. Genevieve says

    Thanks for sharing that great story about your dad. Regarding my favourite colour, it’s turquoise, and I was so happy when Pantone declared it to be the colour of the year!

  26. Chelle says

    I love that you specified “of the moment”, because my fav color is always changing. Right now it’s green, mostly bc my son is completely obsessed with green & I love how excited he gets about it. Oh yah, and it’s a fresh color too :)

  27. Pat says

  28. Jennifer says

    I’ve always said that I would never allow it to be…but right now my favorite color is PINK! :)


  29. kristie says

    My fave color has always been red,well and purple,but lately I am really liking orange,warm gentle orange,its just sorta soothing…ya know?
    and my dad was really cool too even after I came home smelling like skunk pee(I thought it was a cat!!)wheeew that was awful!!
    and there was the time I wrecked his el camino,,,,,,, well he SAID he still loved me!!
    [email protected]

  30. Pati @ A Crafty Escape says

    I’m loving all the dad stories… and my favorite color of the moment is emerald green. Love it!

  31. Cathe Holden says

    How awesome is your dad?!! What a great story.

    BTW, I’m LOVIN’ the new look of the graphics on your blog!!! FABULOUS!

  32. Allison says

    That is an awesome story about your dad! lol

    Hmmm… right now I am drawn to yellow and oranges. It changes practically daily but this one has stuck with me for a few days! haha

  33. Amber Wills says

    I am thinking bright green at the moment but in a few hours it might be a crazy pink again depends on my mood and what I am attaching the color to in my mind!

  34. Kathy says

  35. cheekymonkey says

    My favourite colour has always been red, but I have a few close seconds (yes, they’re all tied!). I love turquoise and orange, too.

    Btw, your dad is such an awesome badass!

  36. H J Hess says

    Your Dad is the absolute best! How wonderful. You are a good daughter to recognize your Dad with this lovely memory.
    As a young child, my first memory of a dream in color resulted in shades of aqua (blue-green) becoming my life-long favorite color.
    No matter what other colors please me (usually clear bright colors), I always consider aqua my favorite.
    Pantone Aquarius and Aqua Sky and Aquatic and Aqua Green and Fair Aqua.

  37. Moonshadow says

    I still can’t pick just ONE color. I like objects that are luminescent or opalescent. I want a psychedelic rainbow. :)

  38. Elphie says

    My favorite color right now is turquoise. So pretty :)Thanks for the giveaway!
    chirpatme at rocketmail dot com

  39. Msita says

    My favorite color has always been in the blue range, right now I love teal.

  40. Anonymous says

  41. KarenB says

    I’ve always been a ‘blues’ girl but lately I’m really into pink – I got my nails done last week in a pretty pale pink, and my belly button ring is pink, and I’ve been out shopping for my very first pink shirt (haven’t found it yet).

  42. Nancy H. says

    I love green…particularly lime green…like key lime…yumm


  43. Anonymous says

    I just love hippi dads! My favorite pictures of my dad are him with his hair long and afro-ish given it is curly. My favorite color right now is sun yellow! Given it is summer time and I love the brightness of this time of year- yellow just makes me smile and feel the world is a good place.
    [email protected]

  44. One Creative Queen says

    I want a dad like yours! Since I’m grown, potty trained, and self-sufficient (well, mostly), is he looking to adopt anymore girls?? I have 3 very wild grandkids I can throw into the mix. He may not want them, but I can’t do much to get rid of them. I’ve tried. Bahahaha

    My fave color right this minute? Mint green and hot pink. Oh – that’s two colors. Sorry. If you ask again in 5 minutes, it’s bound to be something totally different anyway. :)

    Thanks for the chance to win…I’m still aching to try all the formulations! Have a fantastic week my dear. xx

  45. wdziedzic says

    I am strangely into yellow right now! Although I have always been a “blue” girl

  46. Gloria Westerman says

    Love your story about your dad….and what a awesome ending…..I’m glad it turn out like it did because I was thinking that maybe it would have ended with the guy hitting a child…so your dad is really a hero for keeping all the kids safe in your area…..
    My favorite color right now is green….more specify….”meadow wind” which is the color I’m going to paint my craft room today with….thank for the chance to win this awesome product…

  47. Kelly says

    My favorite color of the moment is pink. My favorite pattern/print of the moment is paisley, preferably in shades of pink :-)

  48. KrisKay says

    Cool story … he put it out in his HAND?! WOWSSA!!!

    I am totally into aubergine these days! Don’t know how or why, but I am!!

  49. Whitney & McKayla says

    My favorite color depends on the item…but I will always love the teals and ocean blues as well as greens.

  50. Practically Spent says

    In the early 70s, some dude didn’t stop when I was getting on the bus on a state Hwy. Dad jumped in the car, followed dude into town, opened dude’s car door, pulled him out of the car by the shirt lapels, and gave him a “what for.” (ok, 70s…dude didn’t call the police) Really, my dad was a complete teddy bear, but I guess you didn’t mess with his kid.
    Favorite color is always PINK, but lately I’m wanting a nice ocean-side, soothing turquoise with a lot of white furniture.

  51. Joani says

    I love your story about your Dad, Thanks for sharing! It makes me think of my Dad who’s gone now ~ but never forgotton!
    Right now my fav’s are pink and brown. Thanks for the blog candy chance.
    I do have a question though. What do you use to apply your mod podge? I have not found the “perfect” applicatior.
    Thanks again ~ have a great day Ü

  52. IvyWed says

    My favorite color is a rosey pink. I love vintage looking projects, but it’s also a great accent color that’ll match almost everything :)

  53. Gretchen Hugen says

    Love your blog and read it every day. My current fav color: anything with GLITTER on it!!! Can’t get enough of the stuff; entire family dusted with it, including cat and dog, which makes me laugh when I see them sparkle in the light. And now I’ve just heard about GLITTER MOD PODGE??? Can it be?? I’m so far behind the curve. Would love to try a sample and become your biggest fan! Keep up the good work!

  54. plaisanter says

  55. Nancy Y says

    That’s a great story, thank you for sharing it!!! My favorite color right now would be Tiffany Box Blue. Followed by all the other colors, I love color!!

  56. Stephanie says

    LIME Green!!! the soft, pretty one. Lavender is my all time favorite, and paired with Lime Green, I’m relaxed and energized at the same time.
    Glad you have good memories of you and your dad. That’s so important.

  57. pyesquire says

    i love mod podge and can’t wait to try all of them !i do a lot of papercutting and have been trying mod podge on different projects it works great

  58. Cindy says

    It’s hard to pick a favorite color- I love them all for different purposes. And your dad is totally awesome.

  59. Rebecca says

    Right now I’m loving some deep and dirty shades of orange: rust and terra cotta. Earthy.

  60. Jon Lisa and Paxton says

  61. mea5798 says

    aww! hi amy how cute that you would show pics of you and your dad …from way back when!
    thank you for sharing and thank you for the chance to win!
    marie sierra
    mea57_98 at yahoo dot com

  62. says

  63. Deb30906 says

    My favorite color today and for many years now is purple. I’m so bad that many times I’ll get a call from a friend who saw something purple and thought of me. Loved the story about your dad.

  64. Claude says

    Turquoise, turquoise, turquoise!
    Can’t get enough of it!

    claudecampeau at videotron dot ca

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  65. Jenn says

    My favorite color of the moment would be blue.. that lovely robins egg blue that the sky can be (and is at the moment) If you ask my 4 year old her answer would be “every color of the rainbow, don’t you LOVE every color of the rainbow?” with a look of “how can you pick one” the 5 year old, now she would tell you “pink……. and purple” with the dreamy look only a 5 year old can have.

  66. Ashley says

  67. Melanie says

    My current favorite color is burgundy – that has been my favorite since I was a teenager. I’m now almost 35 and I still love it. Runner up is purple-which makes me feel girly.

    Would love to win the prize as I can definitely use it. My girls (12 yrs. old) and I love to craft together. Actually I make them craft with me -enforced family time. Haha.

  68. Dana says

    I love your story about your dad! That would have been so cool to see! LOL My favorite color? The rainbow. I love color… all colors! Have a great day!!

  69. says

    Fathers day in NZ is not till September. ;) But I’m getting plenty of ideas for then.

    My fave colour at the moment…. light brilliant metalic blue – the colour the sky is when its a brilliant day with a little bit of fine silver glitter added…. love that colour!

    [email protected]

  70. says

    I loved loved LOVED that story about your dad. I would have to say my favorite color couldn’t be boiled down to just 1 since I love all colors of the rainbow but if I HAD to chose right now, I’d say bright vivid lime green. I am soooo loving this color with black and white right now.

  71. Jamie says

    oh goodness, it changes so frequently… but, right now, my fave color is yellow, the pale one. Thanks!

  72. Renee says

    Usually I love the green family, but lately I’ve been really into anything coral. Good luck with the giveaway!