Create your own recipe book

Mod Podge cookbookI’m just an okay cook. My one specialty is pumpkin roll, which I always make around September-ish. I have to make a big deal about it so that people know I baked something – I feel guilty about never baking anything so I point it out.

The nice thing is that a lot of you cook and blog about it, so I can live vicariously. My friend Katie from Food, Wine and Mod Podge is passionate about the obvious, and I always like to see what delicious stuff she’s cooking up on her blog. Yesterday I headed over and she had this recipe book on the home page. . . I love it. Katie Mod Podged the book and then added a cute little stamp on the front – it’s wonderful. Get the full tutorial here.


  1. pam says

    OOoooohhhhh…. I am in so much trouble! I just got caught up filing all the recipes I have collected from the internet these past 6 months and you have to introduce me to another fabulous cook!

    I love the way she handled this project – leaving the ridged edges alone. I have five binders just waiting for Mod Podge goodness!