A boo boo box with bling

Mod Podge boo boo boxI’m a firm believer that everything in a person’s house should be decoupaged, so why not a “boo boo box” too? If you have children, you completely understand the boo boo box. With so many outdoor activities during the summer, there are sure to be a few skinned knees or scrapes. Jenny from Craft Test Dummies is ready for summer with her boo boo box, and she is kind enough to share the tutorial right here. It also features Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, so what can we say except that we love her very much for being so creative.


  1. MitziMakes says

    What a cute idea! makes for a much prettier item :) Im guessing a boo boo box is a first aid kit? :)

  2. bermudabluez says

    She did a beautiful job on this Boo Boo Box! I could this of a zillion other uses for it!! I don’t have children at my house anymore…but I’m sure I could try it on something else! Your blog is so very inspirational!!! Thank you for that!!!

  3. janine says

    You always have the most coolest stuff on this site! I say this with just about every post you make—stinkin cute!! Love this boo boo box!