What exactly is a hand tree?

Mod Podge hand tree kids craftIt’s a project that wins a round of So You Think You’re Crafty, baby! Yes, Kalleen from At Second Street won kids’ craft week back in March with her Mod Podged hand trees. She used burlap, which is oh-so-trendy in crafting. She also got her children involved, and as she so brilliantly put it, “Mod Podge is the perfect medium for kids crafts. You can’t mess it up.” I completely agree. Go here for the complete tutorial, and to see exactly how hands were incorporated.


  1. Tawny says

    I love these trees. They are perfect for keeping family memories and doing something fun with your kids. I’m going to try it out soon. I hope mine turn out as lovely. :)

  2. The Redhead Riter says

    I love the trees! This is a wonderful idea and although it is great for children, I think I will get my whole family in on it.