Shapes on canvas

Mod Podge canvasAs I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized what my “style” is. As far as I’m concerned, personal art style is like the search for a great pair of jeans – sometimes the ones you like the best don’t fit right, so you have to find the ones that accentuate your assets the most. Here are a few examples of what works for me:

-putting bright/interesting color combinations together
-fabric incorporated with paint
-simple shapes that are pleasing to the eye

The simple shapes should tell you why I like the above collage from Tangente at Tangente Designs. It really flows, and the text on the ovals adds interest to the entire piece. I love it! Visit here for the tutorial.


  1. Jan @ bobbypins boardwalk says

    It is a wonderful piece — If I saw this at someone’s home or office, I would have to go over to it and really take a close look for several minutes. It’s very eye-catching.

  2. LeeAnne says

    Love it! And I love your site. The weekly projects are incredible. I just found myself another daily read…