Lucky loves home, and a television tray.

Cheryl from Lucky Loves Home found this television tray for $5 at the Goodwill and revamped it. I’m jealous because I’m pretty sure that everyone in the world has better Goodwills than I do. Do you ever feel that way? I see things online, like this tray, and wonder why my Goodwill just has acid-washed, high-waisted jeans, 42 year old toasters and broken frames. Anyhoo, I love the colors of Cheryl’s tray, and I think a television tray is very useful, especially for an apartment dweller such as myself.


  1. aimee says

    love it! i have two boring breakfast trays that are just waiting for this kind of groovy foof-up!

  2. Catherine says

    I hear ya! I get all amped up to go treasure hunting at our Goodwill only to be horribly disappointed. Maybe we’re saving up all our thrifting luck for one big find. :)

  3. So Bella says

    Yeah, My Goodwill never has anything good… seems I never get there at the right time. Oh well, I’ll keep trying!

  4. mea5798 says

  5. miss corner cape says

    first of all, this is incredibly exciting, lol, b/c when i went to comment back and was taken to your site, i couldn’t believe this was yours. i love your blog, and i subscribe. i love that you are young, like me, and that solidifies that craftiness can be cool.

    my goodwill pales in comparison with all these others that i see online. i did score a rather large tray, which i thought was too much for 5 bucks since some people score them for a buck, but i have left it as is for now.

    thanks so much for stopping by the cape on the corner, and for your kind comment on my easy game cover up!

  6. janine says

    Love the colors of this tray!! I will have to search and scope out the stores and yard sales for the perfect tray to do a project like this.
    I did get one a while back, for a steal of 2 bucks, but I don’t dare do anything to it. It’s a Dukes Of Hazard tv tray from the 70s/80s, with the original cast (and the super cool Dodge Charger, of course).
    Amy, I love your blog. You have given me much inspiration to start my own blog some day—well, start one again. I used to blog out here for about 8-10 years but gave it up about a year ago. I miss it :)

  7. janine says

    oh….and ditto about the Goodwill stores. Most of the stuff in my local Goodwill stores is busted up and pretty useless. Who would donate anything like that? I think about all of the times I make sure my stuff is spotless and/or in working order before I take it to be resold for charity—even if it means taking clothing to be donated to the dry cleaners first….lol

  8. Jane Jeffress Thomas says

    LOL I have visited three Goodwill stores looking for finds like I see online and these stores are 60 miles north of me and 92 miles south of me and I see the same things you do. LOL

  9. Steph @ somewhatsimple says

    I’m convinced that my local thrift stores suck or I am always in there on the wrong days! I have very few great thrift store finds, but I see all these people with amazing before and afters! Not fair!

  10. Lucky Loves Home says

    Hi Amy. Thank you for posting my tray from my blog. I guess I’m just lucky living in Marin our Goodwill stores usually have great things to find. Just have to poke around a bit. Plus I go on my lunch hour about three times a week — it’s only two block from my work!

    Keep up the good work. I love your blog.