Giraffe fabric sculpture in a frame

Fabric giraffe art with Mod PodgeYou want to make a project with Fabric Mod Podge but you aren’t sure what to do. Let’s see . . .

Oooh! How about a fabric giraffe? I had to share this little guy, made by Beth at Crafty Mishmash. He’s cute and unique, and I think it would be very fun to do a series with different colored frames and fabrics. Beth is pretty brilliant for coming up with this one, and she is kind enough to provide a tutorial. Find it here.


  1. Katie P says

    I love love love giraffes! Thanks so much for posting this, I will definitely have to head on over to Crafty Mishmash!

  2. Sally says

    Amy, Thanks for dropping by Asleep on the Couch and giving me some feedback on my tutorial. I am excited to browse through your postings for inspiration. Hope you will visit again.