Springtime planting box

Springtime planter boxesI present to you a Mod Podged box of dirt! I’m kidding, sort of. Angela from Secrets of a Super Mommy created this planting box as a way to display real grass for Easter, and I wanted to share because this could translate as a cool project for any spring plantings. A visit to Angela and you’ll see that she recycled a box, lined it perfectly, made it pretty AND got her kids involved in the process. She’s truly earned the title super mommy – learn more about the project right here.

PS – If you are going to leave this box outside and want to seal it from the rain, use Outdoor Mod Podge.


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  2. Its So Very Cheri says

    Great idea. I have been working on a ModPodge project this weekend. FUN FUN!!!
    I hope things are going OK.