Mod Podged stamp initial

How to Mod Podge an initialTypography, personalizing, letter art – I love it all. I’m actually blessed with “AA” as my initials, which means that I should always get to go first. Okay, maybe not, but I do like my initials and I like to put them on crafty projects. This initial was done by Lei at My Many Colored Days, and the bright colors sucked me right in. It looks like a big, decorated stamp, and I love it. Lei even recycled some cardboard to make her finished initial. She’s just that good! Visit here to see the process, and consider this to be a great home decoration or gift item to stick into your mental Mod Podge file.


  1. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    Ha! You should always be first! Duly noted ~ it’s in the mental Mod Podge file. I have an initial that is just waiting for me to come up with some magic and I may do a variation on this. Thanks, Amy!

  2. Sew Much Ado says

    My initials were AA too before I got married, and I’ll admit I also loved it :).