The little touches – like lining dresser drawers

Mod Podge dresser drawersI love little touches, like painting the inside of a white box with a fun color. I like my own touches to tend toward surprising and unexpected, like a hot pink paint underneath or a hidden pattern. Sherry from Young House Love also loves them, as you will see from her nursery dresser makeover. Sherry lined dresser drawers with the pretty papers above using Mod Podge – and you should see the dresser. I love it. Go here to see her tutorial and finished project, but be warned that you’ll end up wanting to Mod Podge every single drawer in your life.


  1. amelia says

    loving it, this is a great idea for a tired old dresser that I have, need to make it pretty for a girls room- I think even putting paper on the top would work well!

  2. pam says

    You are right Amy! After I popped over to the tutorial, I do want to Mod Podge every single drawer in my life!

    So glad you shared this!

  3. Anonymous says

  4. Tiff says

    That gives me an idea to modge podge the back of my shelves in my craft room to give the place some pizzaz. I’ll send a pic when I’m done!

  5. says

    Thanks everyone!

    Flippin’ Factory – Mod Podge is acrylic and waterbased, which is about as environmentally friendly as it gets for a standard decoupage glue. I did find this for you:
    But again, that is simply a glue, not a decoupage medium.

    As far as Mod Podge working with fabric, it works great!!! I love using Mod Podge with fabric!

  6. Shelby says

    How do you think mod podge-ing a cooler would work? Do you think it would stay if we were taking it out to the beach for the day?